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Overview You’ve decided that it’s time to increase (or perhaps decrease) the price of subscriptions for your current MemberPress members. But you want to do this without asking them to

Stripe integrations can get complicated. So even when you have a pre-made solution, such as the one MemberPress provides, you should set everything correctly to avoid any payment issues. But

Content Teaser Sneak Peek ???? In this article, I’ll show you how to create a content teaser with a nice fade away effect for your paid posts and premium content.

Introduction In this article, you will learn how to configure data that is coming from registrations in MemberPress to be sent to HubSpot to build a contact list using Zapier.

If you’re using ThriveCart and MemberPress together, you may have noticed that the native integration is somewhat incomplete. You often need to use Zapier zaps to achieve additional functionality, and

BuddyPress is a WordPress community plugin that includes various online community features, like user profiles, groups, activity streams, notifications, and more. But it isn’t a membership or content protection system out

What’s a User Journey Audit and why should I do one? In this small tutorial you will find out how to properly test your membership website by performing what we

Learn how to add a mandatory multi-step Terms of Service to the Memberpress checkout form using the Contact Form 7 plugin…
Create a special page on your MemberPress site where the member will be able to change his Stripe payment information without logging in to the website.
Learn how to properly export your DAP members and import them seamlessly into MemberPress!
Learn how to properly export your wishlist members and thrivecart subscriptions and import them seamlessly into MemberPress!
Learn how to properly set up the MemberPress WordPress membership Plugin!
Learn how to add custom placeholder text to the USERNAME and PASSWORD fields of your MemberPress login form using our step by step guide!
Learn how to properly export your membermouse members and subscriptions and import them seamlessly into MemberPress!
In this article you’ll learn how to give your members MyCRED points based on various actions that happen in MemberPress (code snippets included!)
Learn how to give your MemberPress members access to content that was created only AFTER they became members (and restrict earlier content).
Learn how to change the color and style of the password strength meter on the MemberPress checkout registration form.
Would you like folks to be able to purchase your MemberPress products as a GIFT for somebody else? This tutorial will show you how to set it up!
Learn how to refund transactions in MemberPress based on refunded charges in your payment processor.
Learn how to use your favorite email app (ActiveCampaign, Drip, MailChimp, etc.) to send the welcome email for your new MemberPress members.
This post will show you how to manually extend your members’ access in MemberPress using transactions.

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