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MemberPress BuddyPress Integration


BuddyPress is a WordPress community plugin that includes various online community features, like user profiles, groups, activity streams, notifications, and more.

But it isn’t a membership or content protection system out of the box. So it’s a good idea to use Memberpress to cover those needs.

Also, if you have a membership website based on Memberpress and want to implement community functionality, the best choice will be to use Buddypress.

In both cases, you need to integrate Memberpress and Buddypress. Let’s check how to do it.

MemberPress BuddyPress Integration: How To Install And Configure


To integrate, you need:

Plugin Installation

1 – Hover over the Plugins sidebar menu item and click on Add New

step 1 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

2 – Click on Upload Plugin

step 2 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

3 – Click on Choose file. Find the MemberPress BuddyPress integration plugin you downloaded.

step 3 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

4 – Click on Install Now

image - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

5 – Activate the plugin

image 1 1024x104 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

Plugin Configuration

1 – Hover over MemberPress in the sidebar menu and click on Settings

step 1 2 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

2 – Click on the Buddypress tab

image 3 1024x249 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

3 – Enable BuddyPress Integration

image 4 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

4 – If you want to allow users to register without payment using the BuddyPress registration form, you can choose the membership you want to assign them in this situation.

image 5 1024x202 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

5 – After that, you need to protect the profile page, so non-logged-in users won’t be able to reach it.

image 6 1024x162 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

6 – Also, if you want to hide the Member listing page, you need to click on the Protect Main Members Listing Page checkbox.

image 7 1024x174 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

7 – If you are using BuddyPress Groups, you can choose the one you want to assign new users to.

image 8 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

8 – Click on the Update Options button

image 14 1024x214 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

Membership Configuration

1 – Hover over MemberPress in the sidebar menu and click on Memberships

image 9 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

2 – Hover over the membership you want to configure and click on Edit

image 10 1024x232 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

3 – Scroll down to the Membership Options block and click on Advanced tab

image 11 1024x330 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

4 – Click on the BuddyPress Groups for this Membership checkbox

image 12 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

5 – Choose the BuddyPress group you want to assign for this membership

image 13 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

6 – Scroll up and click on the Update button

image 15 1024x369 - MemberPress BuddyPress Integration

Why Integrate MemberPress & BuddyPress?

Buddypress is a great community plugin.

It provides an open-source social networking software package but not membership functionality. That’s why you need to use the Memberpress plugin.

And if you want to link your community part with the membership one or you want to protect it from the non-logged-in users, you need to use the Memberpress-Buddypress integration plugin.

It’s an official Memberpress plugin and the easiest way to integrate those two systems.

Final Thoughts

Now your Buddypress and Memberpress plugins integration are complete. If you have any technical issues or trouble getting this to work, contact us or add a comment to this article to get it sorted for you!

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