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About Memberfix

Membership Experts At Your Service

A highly experienced and diverse team ready to take care of all the hard work of running an online business for you, so you can focus on what you love – creating content, building a community, and growing your business.

Our Mission

Helping our clients to achieve their goals, make their lives easier and allow them to focus on the key drivers in growing their online businesses

Our Values - What makes us tick
Memberfix Team - About
Number 1 - About
We Are Innovative

We love to figure out unique, creative, and elegant ways to solve your tech problems. We humbly learn from tried and true methodologies because reinventing the wheel is just foolish. But we always strive to create and improve our own processes, tools, and systems. However, while we take great joy and pride in innovation, we never unnecessarily complicate the mission or indulge in “exploratory development” on your dime.

Our preference is always to use readily available, well-supported “out of the box solutions” whenever possible. In an industry filled with uninspired, slipshod work, delivering an elegant, future-proof tech solution to our customers is itself an act of innovation.

Number 2 - About
We Are Resourceful

We exhaust every possible resource and avenue available to deeply understand your tech problems and devise great solutions. The reality is that tech is a field where no matter how experienced you are, you can’t know how to solve every problem in advance. But we do whatever it takes to gain that understanding.

This takes the form of copious Googling, YouTubing, peer mentorship, poring over APIs, scouring knowledge bases and support documentation; reaching out to 3rd party support, engaging consultants / coaches, watching courses, going to live events, etc. Our dogged resourcefulness is a superpower that enables us to deliver results instead of excuses.

Number 3 - About
We get things done

Our customers count on us to get things done as agreed upon, on time and on budget. That is our primary objective: getting you results. We do not engage in excuse making, whining, finger-pointing, etc. We do as we say and deliver what we promise, end of story.

Our Core Services

How we help you

Membership Support - About
Membership Support

Get dedicated support from a team of membership experts
who can give you the time and confidence to focus on high-value
activities to maximize the potential of your online business.

Membership Development - About
Membership Development

Take your business to the next level with our professionally
designed membership websites and online learning
management systems

Membership Site Hosting - About
Membership Site Hosting

Supercharge Your Membership Site with Lightning
Fast WordPress Hosting

Membership Plugins - About
Membership Plugins

Plugins and tools to enhance and improve your
membership website

Our Story

Want to learn more about the past present and future of Memberfix

MemberFix is conceived

Our founder Vic had just come to Thailand on a one-way ticket. He was living in a dingy Bangkok hostel, eating grilled chicken and sticky rice at every meal, and desperately hustling from his laptop to build some kind of online income stream. Somehow, Vic got into setting up membership sites and decided to focus on that.

MemberFix officially incorporated

Now living in his own apartment (a major upgrade over the hostel), Vic was gaining traction with this whole membership sites thing. He was still a one-man show, but decided to register MemberFix as a real company to make things official.

MemberFix starts growing into a real agency

At this point MemberFix started bringing on team members and figuring out its offers, positioning, and marketing. There were a lot of ups and downs, and close calls, but we just kept learning and moving forward.

MemberFix taking care of dozens of customers

MemberFix has grown into a proper team, and is responsible for taking care of dozens of customers on a regular basis. We’ve also contributed to the membership sites space and broader WordPress community by releasing several plugins, going on podcasts, and establishing strong partnerships with industry leaders like MemberPress and MemberMouse.

MemberHost launched!

Our sister company, MemberHost has launched. Over the years of working with WordPress membership sites we’ve encountered so many issues with hosting and performance that we decided to partner with an industry expert and craft the most performant hosting product for WordPress membership websites in the world! Our initial customers are stunned by the performance and sign up to host their sites with us.

MemberFix implements EOS

At this point we’ve worked with many illustrious customers including Echelon Front, Splasheo, ProcessDriven, AuthorityHacker, and others. And we’re well known and respected in our industry. But what got us here won’t get us there. So we’ve decided to implement the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), to help take our company to the next level of growth and professionalism, and ultimately to better be able to help our customers.

Want to be part of our future?

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Meet the team

Placeholder 2 - About
Vic Dorfman
Owner & CEO

Current location: Thailand 🇹🇭

Hi! I’m Vic Dorfman, founder of MemberFix and MemberHost. My team and I have been working with WordPress and membership sites for the better part of a decade. If you have questions about tech stack choice, integrations, best practices, marketing strategy, launch funnels and more, let’s talk!

Fun Fact:

Vic was born in Ukraine, grew up in the US, and has lived in Thailand for over a decade. Vic is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt.

Placeholder 2 - About
Costinel Muresanu ("Costi")
Head of Customer Success

Current location: Romania 🇷🇴

Costi combines a love of WordPress and technology with his passion for helping our customers succeed. Costi spends his time at MemberFix ensuring that our customers are getting as much value from us as possible.

He hops on calls, he works on ways to improve our services, he even jumps into tech work if need be. At the same time, Costi helps to onboard new team members, train and mentor the delivery team, and keeps customer relations and delivery smooth and timely.

Fun Fact:

Costi’s dream is to move to New Zealand!

Placeholder 2 - About
Risto Karaivanov
Head of Technical Sales

Current Location: North Macedonia 🇲🇰

Risto is a talented technical sales professional who loves to speak with business owners and understand their unique goals and tech needs. Risto interfaces with both our customers and team to help us come up with great solutions to technical problems. Risto is always keen to hop on a Zoom to chat and see how he can be of service!

Fun Fact:

Risto lives near the Greek border and loves to drive into Greece for little vacations from time to time!

Placeholder 2 - About
Denys Melnychuk
MemberFix Tech

Current location: Ukraine 🇺🇦

Denys is a talented and extremely hard working member of our delivery team. Coming from an army background, you’ll find Denys up and at his desk at 5am every morning getting after it. Denys combines a passion for tech with friendly professionalism and a growth oriented mindset. You’re always in good hands with Denys.

Fun Fact:

Denys loves to go swimming!

Placeholder 2 - About
Godfrey Cox
MemberFix Tech

Current Location: South Africa 🇿🇦

Godfrey is a talented and charismatic tech here at MemberFix. His ability to solve complex problems for our customers is matched only by his skills in interacting with them in a warm and professional manner. Godfrey exemplifies our core value of Resourcefulness, and catches on to solutions very quickly.

Fun Fact:

Godfrey would love to visit the United Arab Emirates!