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You Collect Recurring Income.
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You already know how profitable a membership site can be. Not to mention how great the security of predictable monthly income is.

But if you’re putting it off because you’re confused and overwhelmed by the dozens of membership platforms, plugins, payment processors, email autoresponders and other moving parts required to launch, we’re here to lighten your load!

In fact, we’re here to take the whole thing upon our shoulders completely. So all that’s left for you to do is invite members, share your great content with them and watch your monthly balance grow!

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A Beautiful Membership Site Built Just For You

We gather your requirements, get to work, update you along the way, and then show you the finished site. Boom!

We set up a beautiful members area for you, place your content inside, organize it to look and feel beautiful, and then make sure it’s only accessible by your paying members.

We take care of choosing and integrating everything for you including your membership plugin, theme, payment processor and email autoresponder.

We work quickly and accurately to deliver your professional-quality membership site so you can start adding value and interacting with your community.

We take care of all the technical details and set up the membership platform to function seamlessly so that you can focus on delivering awesome content to your eager members.

Personal note from Vic Dorfman (founder): hey, it’s Vic here. I’ve been setting up membership sites professionally for years and you know what? It’s time consuming! With this service, you don’t have to waste a single hour of your precious time doing something poorly and slowly that could be done quickly and professionally by the best in the biz.

We Love Our Clients, They Love Us
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How It Works
We collect the info we need to build your membership site using our easy-peezy welcome form
Once we have your information, we take care of all the setup work, build your site and update you when it’s finished.
Then you simply invite members and begin enjoying your membership community!
Who Are We?
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The Undisputed Membership Site Experts

See that guy on the left? That’s me, Vic Dorfman! Thanks for taking the time to stop by this page.

My team and I have been setting up membership sites for entrepreneurs and businesses to great acclaim for years.

Not only have we worked with all the major platforms on the market, we have great working relationships with many of the developers of these platforms.

Our only business is WordPress membership sites, it’s all we do! And we do it better than anybody else online.

Our mission is to free you of the technical overwhelm and confusion that accompanies setting up a membership site, so you can focus on creating, interacting with your community, and earning recurring revenue from your satisfied members.

Will My New Membership Site Be Easy To Use?

We’ve carefully selected the components in this package to be both extremely functional, flexible, and best of all: easy for you to use and administer.

If you’re ready to crush it with your membership site and need a rock-solid, intuitive platform to do it on, this is the package for you.

How much does this cost?
This depends on the nature of the site you’d like us to build. Your site is absolutely unique in the way you want it to look, feel and function. So in order to make your vision a reality in cyberspace, we’ll ascertain your needs, do some research and brainstorming, and then get back to you with a proposed price to get the result you want.
Who is your hosting company?

Initially we host all sites with Bluehost. If you think Bluehost sucks, speed test the website you’re on right now and get back to me. ?

If a site outgrows Bluehost we’ll personally help you transition to WPEngine or a similar premium service.

Do you provide web hosting for my site?
Yes. We host all of our client’s sites (and most of our own) on a secure, high-speed, high uptime server.
How many courses/products can my membership site have?
s many as you want!
Can I choose my software components and you set them up?

From time to time we can accept requests like this. But please keep in mind that we’ve chosen these components because we’ve tested them extensively and know that they work well *and* work well together.

However, feel free to contact us at victor.dorfman@gmail.com if you’d like to discuss any custom projects.

What's the difference between this service and a hosted solution like Kajabi, Simplero, Fedora, etc?

We build your membership site on WordPress using the latest themes, plugins and membership site best practices. WordPress gives you way more control over the destiny of your site than a hosted solution. Granted, hosted solutions are easier to maintain and usually make it easier to build out new offers. And that’s fine.

But we’ve found that many clients prefer the power, speed and flexibility of WordPress. And these other solutions, even though they’re good at what they do, simply don’t offer you this level of ‘extensibility’.

If I decide to cancel my membership will I be able to keep my site?


But please bear in mind that you’d have to re-license all of the software that powers your site on your own since we’ll no longer be providing it. And you’d have to find a hosting provider for your domain as well.

In particular, you’d have to re-license a WordPress theme, a membership plugin, and optionally any of the bonus apps we install on your behalf.

Will my new membership site make me a bunch of money?
There’s no way to predict how much money, if any, a given project will produce. We build a great framework for you to run a profitable membership site, but the extent of your success will depend on your niche, your expertise, your marketing and the quality of your content. Not to mention a little bit of luck!
So do you really know what the heck you're doing?
The proof’s in the pudding. We’ve set up hundreds of membership sites. We’ve worked with countless platforms and 3rd party tools. And we’ve built relationships with the developers of many of the top companies in this niche. We pride ourselves on a very high level of technical competence, people skills, no BS transparent marketing and results. And, in case the testimonials didn’t make it clear, we love our clients and they love us right back!
Can you send me a proposal?
We don’t do proposals. We do results. We help you figure out what result you want to achieve, craft a plan to achieve it, decide on a price, and move forward.
Do you provide ongoing support after you set up the site?
Absolutely. The cost of this support varies depending upon the level of support you need.
If I already have my own web hosting can you still set up my site?
How long will it take to set up my membership site?
It depends entirely on the scope of your site and requirements.
What does this package NOT cover?

We don’t create your content for you. However, we will build the members area to correspond to the course structure you give us, within reason.

A typical membership site has a dozen or a few dozen pages of protected content. If your course falls outside of this norm, please let us know in advance.

Which software will my new site use?

We like to base our software choices on the specifics of your project and your needs so the plugins may differ from site to site. But in general we use:

Content Management System – WordPress

Membership Platform – MemberMouse

WordPress Theme – OptimizePress 2

Email Autoresponder – Mailchimp

Payment Processor – Paypal or Stripe or Authorize.net (let us know if you prefer a payment processor not listed here)

Bonus Premium WordPress Plugins:

WPSharely – Viral sharing plugin

ThriveLeads – Powerful opt-in plugin

IMWizard Countdown Plugin – Create live countdowns for launches and time-limited offers

Gravity Forms – Powerful form creation plugin.

BackupBuddy – Backup Plugin

If I decide to cancel my membership will there be a fee for migrating my site to my own hosting server?

If we’re hosting your site and you cancel your membership and want to move to your own hosting account, there will be a one-time fee of $150 involved. This isn’t a random or arbitrary fee but rather meant to cover our labor costs since we have to personally facilitate the migration from our hosting account (which can sometimes a drawn out process.)

Even if your new hosting provider or contractor is willing to do the migration for you, we can’t provide access to our hosting panel to 3rd parties and thus we need to be personally involved in any transfers of domains, files and databases.

Money Back Guarantee...?

Because of the significant hard costs involved in setting up a membership site (software licenses, human resources, hosting, etc.) and the potential for abuse of this service if we were to offer a ‘no-questions asked’ money back guarantee, we’ve decided to offer a limited, questions-asked guarantee instead. ?

In a nutshell, refunds are solely at our discretion. And we may refund in part or in full based on circumstances. If I screw up, I’ll own it and negotiate an equitable remuneration with a client. But we can’t grant refunds nilly willy.

If you have any hesitation because of this policy, please get in touch with me on Skype and I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and set your mind at ease in any way I can. Skype = vtotheyouknow

Anywhere you look online we’ve cultivated a sterling reputation for professionalism, competence and responsiveness. So please understand this policy is to prevent abuse and enable us to provide this service smoothly.

Vic, what's the meaning of life?
I’m still working on that one. I’ll get back to you, ok? ?

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