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How to integrate MemberPress with HubSpot using Zapier



In this article, you will learn how to configure data that is coming from registrations in MemberPress to be sent to HubSpot to build a contact list using Zapier.

With this you will be able to build a contact list on HubSpot, which in turn can help you and your business know the exact type of users you have, build a mailing list for promotions and help you increase revenue and sales from your membership website.


If you already have a membership website and are planning to migrate to connect it to HubSpot or any other CRM software, contact us—we can help. 🙂

1 – A website with MemberPress installed and activated.

2 – A Zapier account. – $19.99/mo or you can purchase automations from us which start from $5/mo using this link.

3 – A HubSpot account.

The How-to

Connect MemberPress to Zapier

1 – Go to Apps

2 – Click on Add connection

3 – Search for MemberPress

Screenshot 2022 08 27 at 3.23.51 PM 1024x460 - How to integrate MemberPress with HubSpot using Zapier

4 – Add your MemberPress API key which you can find in MemberPress > Developer

5 – Add your website URL

6 – Click Connect

Connect HubSpot to Zapier

1 – Go to Apps

2 – Click on Add connection

3 – Search for HubSpot

4 – Enter your HubSpot login credentials

4 – Click Connect

Create the Zapier automation

In this step, we make the automation magic happen 🙂

1 – Create a new Zap

2 – Search for MemberPress on the Trigger tab

3 – Select the event trigger. In this case we will select Member Signup Completed.

4 – Click on Continue and test the trigger for any errors

Screenshot 2022 08 27 at 4.16.37 PM 1024x460 - How to integrate MemberPress with HubSpot using Zapier

5 – Click on the + sign

6 – Search for HubSpot on the Trigger tab

7 – Select the event trigger. In this case for HubSpot, we will use the Create contact.

And you’re all set! 🙂

Note: Contacts in HubSpot take up to 20 minutes to be added in the Contacts list.


With this Zapier automation, your contacts from your MemberPress website will automatically be added as contacts in HubSpot.

However, the possibilities of the Zapier automation are endless.

For example, some other MemberPress automations are:

  • Member Deleted
  • Subscription created
  • Subscription expired
  • Transaciton completed
  • Transaction expired
  • Transaction refunded

The HubSpot available automations are pretty much endless, such as delete contact, update contact, add contact to multiple lists, get product by ID, etc.

As you can see we can combine these triggers from MemberPress to HubSpot(and vice-versa!) to create an automated CRM for our website 🙂

Need help setting this up?

We can help!

Just contact us—and let us know how we can assist you.

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