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MemberPress ThriveCart Integration


If you’re using ThriveCart and MemberPress together, you may have noticed that the native integration is somewhat incomplete.

You often need to use Zapier zaps to achieve additional functionality, and even that doesn’t always do the job.

That’s why we’ve lovingly coded a more secure, more robust, and more feature-rich integration between MemberPress and ThriveCart.

And today, we’re making it available to you! ???? ????

2 Problems with ThriveCart’s Native MemberPress Integration

There are several issues we’ve noticed with the native ThriveCart integration with MemberPress that motivated us to create our own solution.

Lack of MemberPress centric account management

Firstly and most importantly, the native integration only synchronizes ThriveCart transactions with MemberPress transactions.

It doesn’t handle cancellations from MemberPress’s side, or even subscription pauses or resumes.

In other words, you have to send your members away from your membership, to access the ThriveCart Customer Hub, where they have to enter their email address in order to get a tokenized login link.

Only then can they manage their subscriptions.

It’s not an ideal user experience for your members.

Related: How to schedule, pause and resume subscriptions in MemberPress

MemberPress Transactions Never Expire

One of the main downsides with the official integration between MP and TC is that TC does not transfer the correct subscription period to the Transaction in MP.

It basically sets it to ”never expire”.

We have customers who are currently using our Zapier MemberPress + ThriveCart integration.

There, one Zap handles the creation of an account.

Another handles renewals, as well as setting the correct length of access for each purchase in MP (not subscriptions but transactions).

This prevents transactions from being set by default to ”never expire”.

Our plugin eliminates the need for this Zapier mess.

This plugin uses whatever subscription terms you’ve configured in ThriveCart and creates a transaction that corresponds to that duration.

So if you’re charging on a monthly basis, each time a member gets billed, they’ll get a transaction that expires in a month.

If you’re charing quarterly, each transaction will last 3 months.

And so on.

Security issues

The other crucial problem is the security of ThriveCart’s default integration.

The default integration works through link encoded variables which expose all the sensitive data to the user’s browser.

And more crucially, it opens the destination page on your site to anyone who passes those variables through a URL.

Therefore, anyone can create new users in MemberPress through that link.

In contrast, our plugin handles everything through the ThriveCart webhooks, which are verified with the ThriveCart secure pass.

That way, the information can only come from ThriveCart, keeping your site secure and free of spam registrations.


Here’s what you’ll need in order to use our integration:

1 – ThriveCart – This is a popular 3rd party shopping cart app that we also use in house.

2 – MemberPress – The best WordPress membership plugin on the market!

3 – PHP 8.1.0 or later

4 – Our plugin – This plugin allows you to securely integrate and sync ThriveCart and MemberPress in a way that the native integration doesn’t do.

Configuring the MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

Video Demo & Tutorial

Installing our plugin

1 – Hover over ‘Plugins’ and press on ‘Add New’

install 1 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

2 – Press on ‘Upload Plugin’

install 2 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

3 – Select the ZIP file you have downloaded and press ‘Install Now’

install 3 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

4 – Press on ‘Activate Plugin’

install 4 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

Plugin Settings

1 – Hover over ‘Tools’ and click on ‘MemberPress ThriveCart’

config 1 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

2 – Add your ThriveCart credentials

config 2 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

3 – Map each MemberPress membership to its corresponding ThriveCart product

config 3 1024x247 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

Related: Here’s the guide on how to get the ThriveCart product id

Cancellation / Pausing / Resuming

In the screenshot below you can see how the My Account page will appear for your members.

In this example, the My Account page is unstyled because we’re using the default theme from WordPress.

Yours may look slightly different.

account - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

How to find your ThriveCart API key

1 – Click on your picture in your ThriveCart dashboard and then on ‘Settings’

api key 1 1024x452 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

2 – Click on ‘API & webhooks’

api key 2 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

3 – Next to ‘API Settings’ click on ‘View Settings’

api key 3 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

4 – Press on ‘Create API Key’

api key 4 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

5 – Enter a representative name and press ‘Create API key’

api key 5 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

6 – Press on ‘Copy’

api key 6 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

How to add a new Webhook URL

1 – Click on your picture in your ThriveCart dashboard and then on ‘Settings’

api key 1 1024x452 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

2 – Click on ‘API & webhooks’

api key 2 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

3 – Next to ‘Webhooks & notifications’ click on ‘View Settings’

webhook url 3 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

4 – Press on ‘Add another Webhook’

webhook url 4 1024x489 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

5 – Add the webhook data

  • Name – A representative name for the webhook
  • Webhook URL – Paste the URL you have in the settings page in WordPress
  • Make sure you tick the ‘Receive results as JSON’!
webhook url 5 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

6 – Press on ‘Save this webhook’

How to find the Webhook Secret

1 – Click on your picture in your ThriveCart dashboard and then on ‘Settings’

api key 1 1024x452 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

2 – Click on ‘API & webhooks’

api key 2 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

3 – Next to ‘ThriveCart order validation’ press on ‘View Settings’

webhook secret 1 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

4 – That will land you on a page where you’ll see your Webhook secret

webhook secret - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

How to get the ThriveCart Product ID

1 – Click on ‘Products’ in the top menu

product id 1 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

2 – Click on the ‘Edit’ button on the product you want to use

product id 2 - MemberPress ThriveCart Integration

3 – Get the product ID from the URL of the page you are being redirected to

Here is what my link looks like:

The ID is the last part of the URL


Free Download

Download the MemberPress ThriveCart Integration


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this integration.

Does ThriveCart Integrate with MemberPress?

Yes, ThriveCart has a native integration that they offer for MemberPress.

It works by allowing you to map your ThriveCart product to a MemberPress membership, so that when somebody buys your product, they become members of the corresponding membership in MemberPress.

And now, with our plugin, you can have a tighter, more secure, and more functional integration with ThriveCart and MemberPress.

If I’m using your plugin, do I still need to configure the native TC-MP integration?


Our WordPress plugin integrates via Webhooks with ThriveCart and you define which MemberPress memberships correspond to which ThriveCart products inside the plugin settings.

So there’s no need to configure the native ThriveCart integration with MemberPress at all.

How is your integration different / better than the default ThriveCart integration with MemberPress?

In several ways:

1 – The main difference is that our integration allows your members to manage their billing from within the MemberPress My Account area.

Whereas with the native integration, they have to leave your site, go through a 2-step login process, and then enter a separate portal with different branding—all of which represents a sub-optimal user experience.

With our plugin, members can cancel and pause their subscriptions from within MemberPress, providing a better user experience.

2 – Our plugin is more secure.

3 – We’re able to develop features for our plugin based on your feedback much more quickly than you can reasonably expect from ThriveCart.

Does your plugin create Subscriptions in MemberPress?

No, only transactions.

If I cancel or pause a subscription in TC will it reflect in MP?

Yes our plugin syncs both ways.

If you cancel or pause a subscription in MemberPress it will do the same in ThriveCart, and vise versa.

If I cancel a subscription in TC when do members lose access?

After the member’s current transaction expires.

How will your plugin work with my entire funnel (e.g. order bumps, upsells, downsells)?

It will work with all products in a ThriveCart funnel except the order bump.


From this point on the plugin should begin working in the background.

Please let us know what type of memberships you’re selling with our integration in the comments!

And if you have any feature requests, let us know!

All done! ????

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November 21, 2022 6:20 pm

Hi I bought your plugin but seems to have an issue activating it.
“Composer detected issues in your platform: Your Composer dependencies require a PHP version “>= 8.1.0″.”
I run Php 8.0 and cannot go further right now. Is there a fix so I can use the plugin properly ?

Reply to  Sorin Marta
November 22, 2022 1:19 pm

Hey Sorin, thanks a lot for reaching out. I receive the email, instant download and install and… I got the same 500 error message when trying to activate your plugin… Confused here