In this article you’ll learn how to set up the MemberPress Plugin after migrating your membership from MemberMouse.

If you haven’t already, make sure to read the first part of this tutorial on how to migrate from MemberMouse to MemberPress.

What you will need

1 – MemberPress Plugin

Setting up Memberships in MemberPress

1 – To create or edit a membership, go to Memberpress -> Membership -> Add New

1 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

2 – Name your membership whatever you like, e.g. “Gold plan”.

3 – In the text editor box below the title, enter a description.

This description will appear on the checkout form when folks go to sign up.

4 – In the right sidebar set the price, billing type, interval and other information related to payments.

2 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

You can set the billing to be a one-time fee or a recurring payment.

You can also make it a lifetime access plan, monthly expiration plan, fixed expiration plan and/or trial access for trial periods (including $0 trials).

5 – Scroll down and set the additional settings in the respective tabs:

  • Registration 
  • Permissions
  • Price Box 
  • Advanced

3 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

MemberPress Registration Setup

4 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

Your options related to registration are:

A) Register button text customization

B) Thank you messages customization

C) Welcome email customization

D) Accepted payment methods (Paypal, Stripe, etc.)

E) User information fields customization (available after setting custom user fields on MemberPress -> Options)

F) Membership shortcodes

MemberPress Permissions configuration

5 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

This section allows you to configure WHO can purchase the membership.

You can can:

A) Allow users to have multiple, active subscriptions to a single membership

B) Control who can access the membership.

For example: you have “Gold enterprise” and “Gold” membership plans. You can set it so that only those folks who are currently enrolled in the “Gold” membership plan can access and register for the “Gold enterprise” plan.

C) Set the message that folks see when they try to access something they don’t have permission to view.

Setting up the MemberPress Price Box

6 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

In this tab you can customize different information that will be displayed or included in the Group Page.

You will get something like this for the registration on the front end:

0 1 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

MemberPress Advanced Options

7 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

This tab has advanced options for customizing your membership page:

A) Setting custom membership access URL

B) Enable membership pricing terms

C) Setting custom login redirect URL

Setting up MemberPress Access Rules

Set up rules following: Memberpress -> Rules -> Add New.

 8 - How to Set Up MemberPress - Step by Step

Here, you can restrict access of your content to members of a specific membership plan.

Choose what you want to hide (post or page of your website) and then choose who can access to this content.

You can choose to protect access to:

A) All content (set exceptions by ID)

B) All posts or all pages (set exceptions by ID)

C) Specific posts or pages

D) Child of a particular page

E) Categories

F) Pages

G) Tags

H) Custom post types

I) Custom URI

Protecting your MemberPress Pages Using Tags

Note that unlike MemberMouse, MemberPress doesn’t have a content protection widget on your posts and pages. 

But I found a workaround for that inconvenience using tags and tag rules. 🙂

Here’s a video that explains how it works:


If you have any questions please ask them in comments.

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