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Introduction In my last article here I talked about how to create an assessment with GravityForms. In this article, you’ll learn how to display the results of that assessment in a visually

Introduction In this article I will show you how you can create a quiz assessment with multiple scoring and display them on a confirmation page based on the lowest score

How to get referrer URL using Gravity forms, so you know where the website visitor came from.
Learn how to reuse a single gravity form on multiple pages by pre selecting dropdown fields on a per page basis.
Learn how to automatically create tickets in Freshdesk froma Gravity Forms submissions.
In this tutorial you’ll learn how to push any GravityForms data you want from a submitted form neatly into your Google Sheets spreadsheets!
Learn how to add a point-and-click color picker to your GravityForms forms fields using this simple and free technique!
Learn how to create an awesome, highly customizable PDF based on answers to your GravityForms. Perfect for quizzes, assessments, Ask method, etc!
Learn how to save and pre-fill GravityForms fields on your checkout pages, submission forms, in members areas, and anywhere you use GravityForms!
Learn how to create an “Ask Method” style segmented optin that appears in a slick modal popup when your visitor clicks on an element in your page
Learn how to use GravityForms, MemberPress, and AffiliateWP to populate a hidden form field with user info and send it to an external website.
In this article you’ll learn how to enable “Field Label Visibility” drop-down option to hide gravity form label.
Learn how to create a high-converting “quiz” or “checklist” lead magnet using GravityForms and the GravityPDF plugin!
This tutorial will show you how to create a multi-step popup optin form with GravityForms and Divi and connect it to your email marketing app.