This article will give you all the necessary information to send a highly-customizable PDF document once a form built by Gravity Forms is submitted on your WordPress website.

The PDF will be sent to the user that submitted the form and will contain all of the form results. Plus, as I’ll show in the example below, your PDF will also show the user specific text based on the submitted result, styled according to your brand!

The form in our example is a quiz / assessment. Based on the user choices, the PDF will contain different text outputs for every answer.

So, on your WordPress website you will need to install:

  • Gravity Forms – you will build the quiz with this
  • Gravity PDF – the plugin which will actually generate the PDF of the submitted results and send it to the user email

Installing and activating the plugins

Install Gravity Forms

Just login to your Gravity Forms account, download the .zip with the latest plugin version and then go to your WordPress website to Plugins > Add New and upload the file.

Install Gravity PDF

Go to Plugins > Add New, search for Gravity PDF and then Install and Activate plugin.

Create the simple quiz

In addition to the text, here is the video version of this tutorial so you can follow along:

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