In this article you’re going to learn how to automatically create tickets in Freshdesk from your GravityForms forms using Zapier.

The Problem: You use Freshdesk and need your gravity forms submissions to automatically create tickets

Let’s assume that you use GravityForms in your contact form or elsewhere to generate support requests.

You probably get a ton of inquiries of various kinds, so you need to funnel them to funnel them to the appropriate locations to deal with them effectively.

Using our Contact Form as an example, we route all Plugin Support inquiries to FreshDesk.

Otherwise, they come to our company email inbox.

This tutorial will show you how to replicate this kind of GravityForms + Freshdesk setup.

Example Gravity Form

Here’s the actual contact form we have on our Contact Us page, which routes requests according to which options the visitor selects:


1 – GravityForms

2 – Freshdesk

3 – Zapier

4 – Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on

Setting up the Zapier connection

1 – Go to WordPress Dashboard > Forms > Open the form that will is going to create the tickets.

2 – Click Settings > Zapier

Gravity Forms Zapier Add-on

3 – Click Add New Feed

4 – Go to and login to your account.

5 – Create a new Zap and select Gravity Forms from the list

6 – Select the New Form Submission as a Trigger Event

Gravity Form - new form submission

7 – You will get a Webhook URL that you need for the integration. Copy the Webhook URL.

Gravity Forms webhook

8 – Go back to WordPress window and paste the webhook URL in the Zapier feed. Make sure you give the zap a name and then click Save Zapier Feed

WP Zapier Feed - How to create tickets in Freshdesk with Gravity Forms?

9 – Go back to Zapier window and select Freshdesk from the list and choose Create Ticket for the action event 

Create Ticket

10 – Chose the freshdesk account, if you don’t have the account connected, you need to connect freshdesk with Zapier

Choose Account freshdesk

11 – Map the Gravity forms fields with Freshdesk fields, check the example below. The fields might be different in your form but the procedure is  the same:

Map fields

12 – Finally click Test & Continue, this step will ensure that the connection is working and it will create a ticket in Freshdesk.

Zapier Test


Voila! Your gravity forms submissions are automatically sent to freshdesk and new tickets are being created!

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Article Title: How to create tickets in Freshdesk with Gravity Forms

Short Description: How to create tickets in Freshdesk with Gravity Forms using Zapier. A great way to automate the support process!

Author: Ardian Lumi

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