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Getting The HTTP Referrer URL With GravityForms

How to get referrer URL using Gravity forms

What is the HTTP Referrer URL?

The HTTP referrer URL value tells you where a website visitor came from before arriving on the current page.

When used in conjunction with a forms plugin like GravityForms, you can capture this value in a hidden field when a visitor fills out a form.

In this article you’re going to learn how to get the referrer URL value using GravityForms.

Do I Need The Referral URL?

Let’s say you’re getting traffic from multiple sources and you want to know exactly which website referred to you.

Or let’s say you run an affiliate or JV program and want to pass the referrer URL to your CRM so that you can credit your partners with referring business to you.

In fact, we use this exact setup with our inquiry forms.

You can pass GravityForms data to Google Sheets or wherever else you wrangle your business data.

Personally, we pass the referral URL value to our CRM (Streak for Gmail).

We do this to make sure we take care of our valuable partners by providing a failsafe for their affiliate links, which don’t always work if visitors switch devices or clear their browser’s cookies.



1 – GravityForms – Our favorite WordPress forms plugin.

2 – Streak CRM for Gmail (optional) – a wonderful free sales CRM that works directly with Gmail (and GSuite). We use this for sales activities. 

Setting up the hidden field on your Gravity Form

1 – Go to WordPress Dashboard > Forms > Open the form that will be updated.

2 – Add a hidden field to your Gravity Form.

3 – Click up the hidden field and add a name to the field label into General tab.

General Name - [Tutorial] Getting The HTTP Referrer URL With GravityForms

4 – Click Advanced tab and then from the dropdown icon select HTTP Referer URL. The {referer} option will be automatically added into the Default Value as seen on the screenshot below. 

Advanced - [Tutorial] Getting The HTTP Referrer URL With GravityForms

5 – Save the form.



By prepopulating GravityForms fields, you are now automatically getting the referral URL for every form submission.

You can of course pass this value through to your CRM or to Zapier to create any kinds of automations you want.

You can also see this value when you view your GravityForms entries in the WordPress backend or in your email notifications.


What do you think of this tutorial?

Article Title: How to get referrer URL using Gravity forms?

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Author: Ardian Lumi

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