In this article you’re going to learn how to integrate ClickFunnels with MemberPress.

MemberPress has quickly become one of the most popular membership plugins for WordPress.

One of the reasons for this is because Mike and Callie over at the Member Site Academy – which is the premier community for membership site owners – use and recommend it to their tribe and provide a lot of support in configuring it on the MSA forums.

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I’m a member too. 🙂

MemberPress is indeed a solid membership plugin and a lot of our customers use it.

Unfortunately, ClickFunnels does NOT have a native MemberPress integration so we’ll have to use Zapier to connect the two apps.

Once you’ve set this up correctly, any sales or rebills you get in ClickFunnels will trigger your zaps to create the corresponding member accounts and/or transactions in MemberPress, which will give those members the appropriate access to their protected content.

In order to do this integration you’ll need the following tech:

  • A ClickFunnels account
  • The MemberPress WordPress membership plugin (Plus or Pro plans only)
  • The MemberPress developer tools add-on
  • A PAID Zapier account*

*IMPORTANT: Zapier has a free tier but it won’t work for this integration because we need multi-step zaps and only the paid tiers support them. Alternatively, if you hire our team to set this up for you, we can host your zaps on our enterprise account for $3/mo/zap. 🙂

2020 Update

MemberPress now has its own Zapier app which makes this whole process much easier and removes the need for using Application Passwords.

A warning before you start…

Even though this tutorial shows you how to perform this integration, I have to warn you that it’s not ideal. And unless it’s your best or only choice, I wouldn’t even really recommend it.

It would be more elegant to either send your buyers directly to a MemberPress checkout page, or to use a tag-based membership plugin like ActiveMember360 or WPFUsion, both of which would make this Frankenstein’s monster of zaps unnecessary.

I also prefer ThriveCart over ClickFunnels because you get virtually the same shopping cart functionality (including physical products) with way more features and integrations and at an incredible value.

If, however, after my cautionary preamble, you’ve made up your mind that you still want to proceed with integrating ClickFunnels and MemberPress, you’ll find the step-by-step guide below.

Bon chance! 🙂

MemberPress ClickFunnels Integration Guide

Important Notes

This integration calls for TWO zaps for EACH product that you’re selling with ClickFunnels and connecting to in MemberPress.

1 – The first Zap creates a brand new user and then adds a transaction entry to his account in MemberPress.

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It’s important to note that in MemberPress having a user account created does NOT give that user access to any content. That’s where MemberPress “transactions” come in. Transactions tell MemberPress WHICH user should get access to WHICH product (among some other metadata).

It’s also important to note that MemberPress uses the WordPress user database (compared to some membership plugins like DAP which have their own user database outside of, and in addition to, WordPress). So when we say “MemberPress user” it’s the same thing as saying “WordPress user”; they’re interchangeable for the purposes of this tutorial.

Now, if you try to create a transaction in MemberPress for a buyer who is NOT a user in the WordPress database yet, the transaction will NOT get created and the zap will FAIL. This is exactly the correct behavior because it means that MemberPress has a failsafe that prevents us from erroneously adding the same user to the database more than once.

To sum it up, this first zap does the following:

  • Checks to see if a user exists
  • If the user does NOT exist, the zap creates his user account
  • Then, it adds a transaction to his account, which is what grants him access to the membership content

That covers new members. But what if the buyer DOES already exist in the MemberPress user database? (Say, for instance, an existing customer who’s bought from you in the past, got entered into MemberPress previously but is now buying a completely new product.)

In this case, this zap will FAIL because you cannot create a member in MemberPress who is already there!

That, however, is precisely where our second zap comes in…

2 – This second zap looks for an EXISTING user in MemberPress.

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If he exists, the zap adds a transaction to his account, which extends his access according to the terms you have configured for that membership in MemberPress (e.g. if your membership in MemberPress is configured to 30 days of access at a time, each transaction will give 30 days of access).

memberpress membership terms - How to Integrate Memberpress with Clickfunnels

These terms would grant a member 30 days of access for each new transaction

If the user does NOT exist this zap will fail and the first zap that we discussed above will succeed in its place. In other words, one zap is for existing WordPress users and the other is for new users.

And THAT is why you need BOTH zaps for each product you’re selling in ClickFunnels. 🙂

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Setting up the Application Passwords plugin

In order to interact with the MemberPress REST API via Zapier, you need to set up a plugin in WordPress called Application Passwords. This plugin verifies the webhooks that Zapier sends as authentic because they contain a special password that only the admin should have.

Here’s the video tutorial on how to do this:

Q: How many zaps do I have to create?

A: You’ll need to create TWO zaps for EACH MemberPress product as outlined in this tutorial. If, for example, you’re selling one single membership inside of MemberPress and you have a bunch of different products in ClickFunnels connecting to it, one pair of zaps can cover all of them since they all only need to interact with ONE product in MemberPress.

Q: Will ClickFunnels recognize rebills and push that data to my zap?

Yes. ClickFunnels will get notified for each recurring sale (including those made via the 3rd party Paypal buttons integration). This means that ClickFunnels can be your sole trigger app in Zapier and you don’t need to bother with setting up a Paypal / Stripe / etc. trigger app, which (trust me) is incredibly confusing!


Q: How does this process handle cancellations and failed payments?

Cancellations and failed payments don’t require any action on your part because MemberPress grants / denies access on the basis of a member’s transaction status in accordance with whatever terms you set up for your Membership product inside of MemberPress.

If your membership’s terms are for monthly access and a member misses a payment, he’ll continue to have access until the access end date for that transaction expires. If a new transaction covering the current date isn’t created, the member will no longer be able to access the content until that new transaction is made and marked COMPLETE in MemberPress.

So a cancelled member will continue to access his content until the latest transaction end date arrives. And a member with a failed payment will temporarily lose access until / unless they are able to make a successful payment again, which will result in a new transaction being created and their access being reinstated.

Related: How to manually create a transaction in MemberPress to extend access

Q: How does this process account for refunds?

I’m going to update this doc with a tutorial on setting this up for Stripe and Paypal.

In the meantime, note that for refunds you’ll need to set up an additional zap for each product that checks your payment processor for a Refund event and deletes the existing transaction in MemberPress. Unfortunately, ClickFunnels doesn’t have a refund event in their Zapier app so you have to go directly via the payment processor.

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