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How to Install / Update DAP

How to Install Update DAP


In this article I’ll guide you through easy update or installation of DAP plugin.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. WordPress Website.
  2. Paid Digital Access Pass account.

Installing DAP Easy Installer plugin

1 – Log into your DAP account here

2 – Go to your Download Links

3 – Find Latest DAP Easy Installer plugin and Download it.

download easy dap 1024x616 - How to Install / Update DAP


4 – Go to your website WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Plugins => Add New.

5 – Click Upload Plugin and then click Choose File.

choose file 1024x459 - How to Install / Update DAP

6 – Locate you just downloaded and click Open.

7 – Click Install Now.

8 – Activate the plugin.




Installing/Updating DAP using DAP Easy Installer Plugin

1 – Go to

2 – Copy your Licence Key.

licence - How to Install / Update DAP

3 – Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Settings => DAP Easy Installer.

4 – Paste your Licence Key where it say “Enter DAP License Key:” and make sure your server meets the minimum requirements.

minimum req 1024x501 - How to Install / Update DAP

5 – In Step 2 select Latest Dap version and Click DAP 1-click install / Upgrade.

install dap 1024x501 - How to Install / Update DAP

6 – Repeat the same for Step 3.

7 – Follow the instructions from Step 4 to add Cron jobs (if this is an Update, you probably don’t need to do this).

8 – That’s it. You have successfully installed / updated your DAP plugin!


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