MemberPress has quickly become one of the most popular membership plugins for WordPress.

One of the reasons for this popularity is that Callie and Mike at the Member Site Academy – which is hands down the best and most supportive community for membership site owners – recommend it to their members, and give them a great deal of support in setting up and troubleshooting it on the “Tech Talk” forum in their site.

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Yes, I’m a member too. 🙂

Hence, many of the 1000+ members of MSA use MemberPress on their sites (as do many of our MemberFix customers!)

And indeed, from a functionality standpoint MemberPress is rock solid. I’d say it’s up there in the top 7 best membership plugins alongside MemberMouse, DAP, ActiveMember360, WPFusion, and AccessAlly.

Likewise, ThriveCart is an incredibly popular new shopping cart and funnel app with a ton of users (including me!)

Default ThriveCart MemberPress integration not working

However, the problem we’ve been encountering lately in our work with our ThriveCart and MemberPress users is that the built-in MemberPress integration in ThriveCart is, as of this writing, buggy.

Sometimes a recurring payment results in a transaction being added to MemberPress but often it doesn’t. The result is that annoyed members email our customers to ask for access that they should have received but didn’t.

This creates support overhead for our customers and unhappiness for their customers. Plus, it irritates ThriveCart’s users since they rightfully expect that an advertised integration will work as, well, advertised!

When I reached out to MemberPress their support passed the buck immediately to ThriveCart without investigating the matter at all. They said the problem is with ThriveCart and to be fair, it very well may be.

Dale at ThriveCart then did a fantastic job of asking for logs, troubleshooting basic configs, diving right into our WordPress install and getting his hands dirty (ThriveCart really has some of the best support I’ve ever seen, and you can imagine how many different support channels we deal with daily, so that’s really saying something!)

But at the end of the day, when everything was set up correctly, the integration was still misfiring. I’m not a developer and I find working with the MemberPress API pretty straightforward so I’m really not sure why ThriveCart is having trouble making it work. I’m sure it’s far more complex than I realize.

In any case, rather than wait around in support limbo, I decided to simply use Zapier to temporarily patch the buggy integration for our frustrated customer.

(In the meantime, I’ve also started a correspondence with ThriveCart offering my assistance in troubleshooting their integration because Zapier is less than ideal.)

Integration Guide


This integration requires two zaps for each product.

1 – The first Zap creates a new user inside of MemberPress and adds the transaction for this purchase.

The reason for this zap is because if you try to create a transaction in MemberPress for a user that doesn’t exist yet in the WordPress database, the transaction won’t get added and the zap will fail.

So this zap first checks whether the user exists in MemberPress, and if he doesn’t, creates them.

If the user DOES already exist in MemberPress then this zap will fail because you can’t create a member who has already been created. And in this case, the second zap will add the transaction to the existing member’s account.

2 – This second zap checks for an existing user in MemberPress.

If the user exists, the zap adds the related transaction to their account, thereby extending their access.

If they don’t exist the zap will fail but the first zap will take care of adding them. 🙂

WordPress Authentication using Application Passwords

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