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Magic Login Link – Passwordless Login

One of the most annoying experiences you can put your members through is to force them into a long registration process.

Choosing a username, choosing a password, yada yada.

It’s almost as annoying as them having to dig through their email inbox to find the login credentials later.

And inevitably, when they can’t find it, they have to go to your site and do a password reset (also annoying).

And even then it might not arrive in the primary inbox; it might hit SPAM or promotions.

To quantify the level of frustration involved here, I’ve managed to secure actual, real surveillance footage of one of your members trying to login to your site:

chuck pc - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

A better login experience: 1-click, Passwordless magic links

So how do you protect your users from these tedious registration and login issues?

One great way to do this is by simply removing the need for a username and password.


By clicking a link. ????

A magic link. ????

That automagically (see what I did there?) logs them in.

This makes the typical, annoying login process into a painless, 1-click breeze!

Just open your email, click the link, and BOOM! you’re in.

And our new plugin allows you to do exactly that.

We call it…

WordPress Magic Login Link

magic - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

Here’s how it works:

=> A member signs up to your site, or requests a magic link by entering their email address on our magic link form

=> Member receives an email with a tokenized, clickable link

=> Member clicks the link

=> Member is automatically logged into their account without ever having to enter a username or password ????

Why did we create the WP Magic Login Link plugin?

Until now, the magic link login plugins for WordPress that we’ve worked with have been somewhat lacking in features and customizability.

So we decided to make our own, new and improved Passwordless Login Link plugin! 🙂

Our plugin allows your users to forget about using passwords by sending them an email when they need to log in.

This magic link login can be configured to be active for either an unrestricted period of time / uses, OR a finite number of uses.

It can also be configured to expire after a number of minutes, or after a certain given number of clicks.

You can flexibly configure both values in the plugin settings.

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1 – Hover over the Plugins sidebar menu item and click on Add New

step 1 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

2 – Click on Upload Plugin

step 2 1024x549 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

3 – Click on Choose file

step 3 1024x258 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

4 – Click on Install Now

step 4 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

5 – Activate the plugin

step 5 1024x103 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login


1 – Hover over Tools and click on Magic Link Login

step 1 1 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

2 – Configure the settings the way you need them

step 2 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

3 – Press Submit to save your

step 3 1 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

That’s it, now it is ready for your users!

Login Page

When you activate the plugin it automatically adds a login page that your users can use.

The page is marked with WordPress Magic Link Login like this:

step 4 2 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

On that page, the users will find their login form.

step 5 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login


You also have the flexibility of adding a login form where you need it.

If you add the following shortcode to any part of your site a similar login form will be generated.


WordPress Admin Login

If you enable this feature the plugin will add a login form to the default login form that’s located on /wp-login.php

step 6 - Magic Login Link [WordPress Plugin] - Passwordless Login

Secure Checkout


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about this integration.

Does WP Magic Login Link work with MemberPress, WooCommerce, etc.?

Yes! The login form is compatible with any kind of account in WordPress.

What if my user registers through a 3rd party platform like ThriveCart? Will your plugin still work?

Yes, if you have the registration notification enabled any user that has been created will receive the initial login link.

Is it possible to revoke a magic link for a particular user?

Not yet. We may add this feature in a future release if enough people request it.

Doesn’t the Magic Link open my site up to abuse by sharing the link to other people?

Yes, but no more so than sharing your username and password.

If you really want to prevent login sharing there are more aggressive plugins that track things like login locations, IP Addresses, etc.

A good free one is WordFence which has some of these anti-abuse settings.

Our plugin is designed to make it super easy for your paying customers to quickly register / login and begin interacting with your content ASAP.

Feature Requests and Support

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