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Sorin Marta

I am a passionate, self-educated programmer from Romania which also likes motorsports and cars in general. Recently I realized that I enjoy blogging too so I’d love to see what you think about my articles, please leave a comment and let me know.

Protect your users from annoying login headaches. This plugin sends a “magic link” link that automatically logs your members in. Easy peezy!

The default ThriveCart MemberPress integration is lacking in functionality and security. Our plugin solves both of these issues. Learn more…

Learn how to integrate and sync MemberPress and WooCommerce with our custom plugin

Given the open-source nature of WordPress, it needs to be highly customizable. Therefore the developers and the community added a plugin system that allows you to extend it in any

Use our simple MemberPress add-on to allow your members to schedule, pause and resume their subscriptions.

Learn how to update the MemberPress user profile, including custom fields, using the Developer Tools API and a simple add-on that we created.

Reduce chargebacks and prevent fraud on your WooCommerce site with this easy to use plugin that integrates Kount with WooCommerce and Stripe…

Learn how to smoothly migrate your Wishlist members to the iMember360 plugin without having any unwanted bugs or problems!

This script will let you automate your upgrading of Clickfunnels users from a lower-tier subscription to a higher one, including the cancellation portion.
This plugin bypasses the password requirements of MemberPress registration. No more resets! Works great with ThriveCart and WooCommerce…
In this article, you’ll learn to integrate WordPress with Airtable to build a coupon code redemption system. It also has code snippets included!
Learn how to easily remove access to Teachable based on Stripe subscriptions in an automated way by using Zapier.
In this article you’ll learn how to give your members MyCRED points based on various actions that happen in MemberPress (code snippets included!)
Learn how to integrate WooCommerce with myCRED, award buyers points, and how to skip the default WooCommerce checkout flow.
Creating the same type of page over and over with your WordPress page builder? Save time by adding WordPress Page templates to your toolbox!
Learn how to create a great social media style feed on your WordPress site using custom post types and Elementor!
Learn how you can transform the default variation dropdown from WooCommerce with a custom variation input with colors!