Introduction – The Problem with new MemberPress accounts

If you use a third-party shopping cart like ThriveCart together with MemberPress, you’ve probably noticed how clunky the user registration process is for your customers.

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The problem is that MemberPress forces your new users to enter a password before it creates their account in WordPress and registers them as members!

This creates unnecessary friction for your customers, and support headaches for you.

We even appealed to the wonderful Membership Academy community to see if anybody had solved this riddle:

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No such luck…

So we had to come up with our own solution! 🙂

In an ideal world, MemberPress would automatically create and immediately auto login buyers after a purchase from your shopping cart app.

Well, we’re working on that part. 🙂

But in the meantime, we’ve been able to make the process just a little bit smoother for your buyers by removing the first password reset step entirely.

We do this by sending a so called “Magic Login Link”.

When your member opens his email and clicks this link, it will automatically log them into MemberPress without requiring any password reset.

Your members can save this email message and click on the Magic Login Link to login in the future as well.

So in effect, your members don’t even need to set a password (although they can do that if they wish).


  1. The MemberPress membership plugin for WordPress
  2. ThriveCart (or any good 3rd party shopping cart app that supports Member Press integration)
  3. The WP Magic Login Link plugin ($33)
  4. Our customer add-on, Registration Password Bypass ($15)

How do I use the Registration Password Bypass plugin?

1 – Download the .ZIP file

2 – Install the plugin by uploading the .zip file in WordPress => Plugins => Add New

3 – You need to configure WP Magic Login Link by going to Magic Links => Settings

4 – Set the first input to ‘Enabled’

5 – Set the email template at the bottom of the page

Why did we develop the Registration Password Bypass plugin?

One of our customers uses ThriveCart to sell access to his membership (by the way, we use it as well!)

His membership site is based on MemberPress.

And as most of us know, MemberPress has some restrictions when it comes to user registration.

Namely, the requirement to set your own password before you can even login.

So we needed a solution to bypass the password requirements for all new users.

After hours of research, I found out that there are no existing solutions for this problem.

So I decided to be creative and to develop my own solution! 😀

Luckily, the “base” plugin WP Magic Login Link—which is developed by a developer we found on Code Canyon—has almost everything we need for our add-on to work.

Image2525202019 08 24252520at25252011.20.15252520PM - [Plugin] Bypass MemberPress set password on registration

I used that as the base plugin, and added our plugin as an add-on that works on top of the existing functionality of WP Magic Login Link.

So just to make it crystal clear…

You’ll need two plugins for this to work, the basic plugin (WP Magic Login Link) and our add-on (Registration Password Bypass).

capisce - [Plugin] Bypass MemberPress set password on registration

Use cases

Use Case #1 – Third-Party Integration with ThriveCart

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You can have a ThriveCart product which needs to add users to your membership site and you don’t want them to have to create new passwords since that would be an extra step.

Technically, it would be two extra steps since they have to manually login afterwards…

Use Case #2 – WooCommerce customers

The add-on works with WooCommerce too!

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So if you plan to make your customer’s life easier when they buy your products you can create accounts automatically for them when they buy your products.

WordPress will then send over a “magic” login link so your members can directly access their WooCommerce dashboard.

Use Case #3 – Manually create private accounts

1 Image2525202019 08 25252520at25252012.12.15252520AM - [Plugin] Bypass MemberPress set password on registration

Some situations demand to manually create an account for some of your users.

Of course, you want those accounts to be private.

With our solution, you just have to add the account data without the password and they will receive an email with a “magic” login link.

WP Magic Login Link settings

Let’s explore the WP Magic Login Link settings so you can get familiar with the plugin:

How can I download your Password Bypass Plugin?

We sell this plugin for $15.

If you would like to purchase it, please complete the checkout below.

You’ll gain access to the .zip file after checkout.

Will you provide support for this plugin?

Of course! 🙂

We’ll be providing support for the Registration Password Bypass plugin only.

For WP Magic Login Link support you would have to contact their support team. 

That’s one of the reasons why we developed our own Magic Login Link WordPress Plugin.

So if you have any questions or issues please come back to this post and leave a comment describing them (you can also upload screenshots in the comments).

We will provide email support at but using comments instead, everybody benefits from the conversation and explanations, including existing and potential customers. 🙂

It also fosters transparency which improves the direction of development by involving our entire community.


To be honest, this plugin pretty much just does what it says on the tin.

So it’s pretty simple from a development perspective and probably won’t require a whole of to support!

bypass mp password box - [Plugin] Bypass MemberPress set password on registration

 Secure Checkout

   Registration Password Bypass Plugin by MemberFix 

After checkout, please follow our instructions.

When you are done with that the plugin should work by itself.

All done! ?

What do you think of this plugin? 14.97-179.97
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Name: Bypass Registration Password

Description: This plugin allows you to bypass the password reset requirements of various membership plugins like MemberPress. After a purchase or registration, the plugin sends your user or member a "magic" login link that they click-on, which automatically logs them into your site. This gives your users a better experience by removing several steps of an otherwise high friction process. 🙂

Offer price: 14.97-179.97

Currency: USD

Application Category: WordPress Plugin

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