In this guide you’ll learn how to sell your Zoom webinars on your site using the WooCommerce WordPress shopping cart plugin and a simple Zapier integration.  


Configuring your webinar product in WooCommerce

I’m going to assume you already have WooCommerce configured on a basic level (in particular, that you have your payment processor set up).

Now you’ll want to add a basic product in WooCommerce (go to Products => Add new). 

Note: If you are only going to sell one Webinar through WooCommerce, then you can skip this step and go directly to “Setting up Zap Trigger and Action” section.

First go to your Zoom and navigate to My Webinars tab and Copy Webinar ID that you are going to sell with this product.

90465598 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

Go to your WooCommerce product and under Product data section click on Attributes tab.
Click on the “Add” button and set name and value as shown below:

Name: webinar_id

90465667 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

In the Value field, paste the Webinar ID we copied from Zoom and remove all hyphens between the numbers (eg. 123456789). Then click “Save attributes” button. Also make sure you check “Virtual” checkbox as shown in the screenshot above and Update/Publish your product.

Add our custom function 

*If you are going to sell only one Webinar through WooCommerce, then you can skip this step.

For Zapier to be able to tell which Webinar a customer is buying, we need to send it a custom parameter with the Webinar ID. So let’s go and add this function to your theme’s functions.php file.

Better yet, add it to your child theme so you don’t lose the changes when you update your theme. Perhaps the easiest option would be to install the “My Custom Functions” plugin. This is the safest way to add functions to your theme without losing changes during updates, and this is what I’ll be using in this guide.

Note: I strongly discourage you from adding this directly to your functions.php file.

After you have successfully installed the “My Custom Functions” plugin, navigate to Settings => PHP Inserter.

Add this code:

// add hidden field in order after checkout
add_action“woocommerce_checkout_before_customer_details”“my_custom_checkout_hidden_field”101 );
function my_custom_checkout_hidden_field( $checkout ) {
foreach ( WC()->cart->get_cart() as $cart_item ) {
$product = $cart_item[“data”];
$webinar_id = $product->get_attribute“webinar_id” );
// Output the hidden field
echo “<div id=”user_link_hidden_checkout_field”>
<input type=”hidden” class=”input-hidden” name=”webinar_id” id=”webinar_id” value=”” . $webinar_id . “”>
// save hidden field in the order
add_action“woocommerce_checkout_update_order_meta”“save_custom_checkout_hidden_field”101 );
function save_custom_checkout_hidden_field( $order_id ) {
if ( ! empty$_POST[“webinar_id”] ) )
update_post_meta$order_id“_webinar_id”sanitize_text_field$_POST[“webinar_id”] ) );
//only 1 prod in cart for WooC
add_filter“woocommerce_add_to_cart_validation”“bbloomer_only_one_in_cart”992 );
function bbloomer_only_one_in_cart( $passed, $added_product_id ) {
// empty cart first: new item will replace previous
return $passed;

90466063 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

Switch the toggle to “ON” and click Save changes.


Setting up the trigger and action in Zapier

  1. Go to Zapier and Create a new Zap.
    90464307 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce
  2. Search for WooCommerce and select it.

    90464864 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

  3. Chose a Trigger you need (in this guide I’ll be using “New Order” trigger for one-time payment product).
  4. Copy the URL that is given in this step.
    90464900 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce
  5. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and open WooCommerce => Zapier Feeds.
  6. Click Add New.

    90464941 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

  7. Select the same Trigger you selected in Zapier.
  8. Paste the URL we copied from the step above in the Webhook URL field.
  9. Type something that describes your Zap (eg. Webinar) in Title.
  10. Click Publish.
  11. Go and make a test purchase of your Webinar.
  12. After you successfully purchased your webinar, go back to your Zap and click “Ok, I did this” button.

    90464998 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

  13. In this step, select your order, but make sure it is from the test purchase you just made.
    If you can’t find your order there, then go back and make a test purchase again. Go back to Zap and click “Get More Samples”.


  14. Click Continue.
  15. Go to Action step.
  16. Search for Zoom in Action App and select it.

    90465080 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

  17. Choose Action you need (in this guide I’ll be using “Create Registrant” action).
  18. Click Save+Continue button.
  19. Click “Connect an Account” button and connect your Zoom account. If you don’t know how to connect your Zoom account, click here.
  20. Click Save+Continue button.

Setting up your Zap Template

Upcoming Webinar

if you are going to sell only one Webinar, then you can just select that webinar for this field and you can skip the Upcoming Webinar step. But if you are selling more than one, then select “Use a Custom Value (advanced)” option. In this guide I’ll be using Custom Value.

Click on the plus icon next to Custom Value field and search for “webinar”
90465275 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

Select Meta Data Webinar ID.


Other fields

Select the appropriate values for the other fields. Eg. for First name select “Billing First Name” etc.

Choose whether to send confirmation email or not, it’s up to you.

After you have set all fields you can click Continue. Then on the test step, click Send Test To Zoom.

If your test was successful you can click Finish, if there are errors review the steps above and make sure you have set up everything correctly.

Now you should be able to sell your Webinars using these WooCommerce products.


This integration makes an automated and smooth process for your customers. 
That means, webinar registration is done automatically in the background for them. So after they purchase your Webinar product on your WordPress website, they will get an email you set up on in your Zoom Webinar Settings with the link to the Webinar and all other details.


Additional content

How to connect your Zoom account to Zapier

  1. Login to your Zoom account and then go to this link.


  2. Scroll down to bottom and find “key” and “Secret” numbers.
  3. Open your Zap.
  4. Click Connect an Account.

    90466138 - How to sell your Zoom Webinars using WooCommerce

  5. A new window will open, paste “key” in API Key field and paste “Secret” in API Secret field.
  6. Click “Yes, Continue” button.
  7. That’s it.