WordPress can get complicated if you’re using it to sell and deliver your online course.

For that reason, you may have decided to use Teachable instead. And for payment processing, you’re probably using Stripe in conjunction with Clickfunnels or some other 3rd party shopping cart platform.

There’s just one problem: how do you cancel a member’s access automatically when they cancel their subscription or ask for a refund?

We can do that using Zapier and Stripe Webhooks in a ‘custom Zap’!

Setup steps

There are four main steps to this process:

A) Set up the first step of the Zap

B) Create the Stripe Webhook

C) Trigger an event for the Webhook

D) Complete the last step of the Zap

Set up the first step of the Zap

1 – First of all we need a Zapier account.

You can either make your own account or we can host you Zap for you for a $3/month fee.



If you’re a customer past or present, we can host zaps for you for only $3/mo. We can even set up a zap for you on our MemberFix Lite plan. Zapier accounts start at $25/mo, so save yourself some money, and have us take care of everything for you!

2 – When you are logged into Zapier you need to press “Make a Zap!”


3 – When the search input shows up, you need to type in “Webhooks” and then click on “Webhooks by Zapier”.


4 – We need to select “Catch Hook”


5 – Now you should see your webhook link. Copy that link to your clipboard. 

Create the Stripe Webhook

1 – Inside your Stripe dashboard you have to click “Developers”


2 – When the menu opens, click on “Webhooks”.


3 – Now add the endpoint for your webhook.


4 – Now add the link that you have copied and also the events.

Note: Please pay attention to the events!

The correct events in this case are “charge.refunded” and “customer.subscription.deleted“. These events represent refunds and cancellations, respectively.

Trigger an event for the webhook

Note: Here I can’t really give you a guide.

You have to buy your subscription and then either refund yourself or cancel your subscription.

But I’ve added it as one of the higher steps because it’s crucial for our task. Otherwise you won’t have any data for Zapier to pull from the Webhook and you won’t be able to finish your Zap.

Complete the last step of the Zap

1 – Add a new step to your Zap.


2 – Pick “Action/Search” from the list.


3 – In the search input type “Teachable”.

4 – Select “show less common options”.

5 – Select “Unenroll Student From Course”


6 – Connect to your Teachable account


After clicking that button you’ll see a new browser window:

Fill the form and hit “Yes, Continue”.


7 – After the connection click “Save & Continue”.


8 – Before filling the Teachable user data form, let’s find your user. To do that, click “Add a Search Step”.


After pressing the button a pop-up should appear. There you will need to confirm that you want to add a new step to your Zap.


9 – Now fill in the email field. Do that by pressing on the list button.


10 – From the list select “Data Object Metadata Email”.

11 – Hit “Save & Continue”.

12 – Get back to the 3rd step of the Zap and fill out the form by selecting the course that you want to remove the user from.

13 – Activate your zap.

All done!


Now let’s hear from you!

What kind of learning material are you selling with Teachable?

Tell us in the comments section below.

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