This article will help those of you who want to integrate a PayKickstart campaign which has more than one product with ProductDyno.

As you already know, ProductDyno is a membership software for digital products and downloads which allows us to create memberships plans and accounts for our users. On the other side, PayKickstart is an all-in-one payment and affiliate management system that allows us to sell our products and manage customer transactions.

Shortly, the users will buy a product from a landing page on your website and based on the ProductDyno and PayKickstart integration, they will have an area where they can login and also be able to buy other products, using the same login details, from the same PayKickstart campaign.

Create the campaign in PayKickstart

The first thing to do is to create the campaign in PayKickstart.

1 – Log in to your PayKickstart account and on the left menu just click on Campaigns > Campaigns and on the page which opens just click on top right green button “New Campaign”.

2 – Then add the campaign name and also the other settings which may apply to your campaign.

Create products for the campaign

After the campaign is created, we will need to add the products to it.

1 – On Campaign page just click on “Add product” green button.

2 – On the next page, first section is “Product Details”. You can add the product name and then for “Landing Page URL” you will add the link from your website which will actually be the landing page where you will promote the products (i.e

Access Page URL

For “Access Page URL” you will add the link which we will see a little later in ProductDyno settings.


Then you add all the other settings which may apply to your product, except that in 3rd section called “Integrations” you will need to Enable “IPN URL” and there you will add a link which we will also see a little later in ProductDyno settings.

Then, following the settings of the first product, you can add the next products to your PayKickstart campaign.

Create products in ProductDyno

1 – Login to your ProductDyno account where we will need to create the products.

2 – Click on left side “Products” link and then on top right button “Create Product”.

3 – Then just choose “Wizard” from the pop-up.

4 – After that add product name and click on “Continue”.

5 – Next you can choose the product sub-domain or leave it as it was generated and click on “Continue”.

6 – For the next pop-up you will choose Paid-Access assuming that this is not a free product and click on “Continue”.

The next 2 pop-ups are related to where is hosted the content and also the logo for the product.

7 – Just click on “Continue” and you will have a first product created in your ProductDyno account.

After the first product is added, you can follow the same steps and create the other products. After all the products are created we are ready to create the ProductDyno collection which we will integrate with the PayKickstart products.

Create collection in ProductDyno

We need to create a collection in ProductDyno in order to integrate it with PayKickstart campaign which we have created. A ProductDyno collection as a group of products which may be related to a specific topic or brand which will allow users to have a single login under which they are able to buy more than one product inside the PayKickstart campaign.

1 – Click on left side “Collections” link and then on top right “Create Collection” button.

2 – Add the name for the collection.

3 – Then you will be able to add the first product to this collection. Add the name of the product and then in the “Product Sales Page URL” input area just add the link which you have added when you have created the product in PayKickstart.

4 – After you have added the first product, you can add the others. After all products are added please go to Collections and click on collection name which we will integrate with PayKickstart. Then click on “Domain & Access”.

5 – On the next page we will need to copy the Login link which it is under “Access URLs” and paste it under “Access Page URL” for every product set up in PayKickstart.

Add the payment gateways

Then we will need to add the payment gateways for every product.

1 – Click on collection name and then click on “Payment Gateways” link.

2 – Add payment gateway name, select PayKickstart from “Gateway” drop-down and for “Gateway Product ID” add the product ID which can be found in PayKickstart.

*You will need to add a payment gateway following the above settings for every product.

3 – Then, the final step is to go to Collections > Payment Gateways and you will notice that for every gateway there is a “IPN / Checkout URL” generated. You will need, for each product, to copy and paste the IPN to PayKickstart product details.

At this point we have completed the integration!



Do not add the payment gateways to the products created under “Products” because, in this case, they need to be added under Collections like we just did above.

If we do not add the payment gateways correctly, when the user buys one product and then wants to buy another product, a new login is needed instead of having the same login for all products.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know.
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