In this article I’ll show you how to migrate from your current WordPress forum plugin to wpForo.

Install wpforo plugin

  1. From your WordPress Dashboard go to Plugins => Add New.
  2. Search for wpForo.
  3. Install and Activate wpForo Forum.

Install go2wpForo Tool

  1. Go to https://wpforo.com/docs/root/migrate-to-wpforo/
  2. Download the latest version.
  3. Follow the instructions below the download link.


  1. After you’ve chosen the forum you’d like to migrate from (in our case we’re migrating away from Simple:Press) enter your database connection credentials or click on “Use current database connection credentials” if your forum database tables are located in current WordPress database.
  2. Click Connect.
  3. Enter full paths for avatars and attachments folders. If they do not exist or if you are not sure where they are, just leave them blank.
  4. Click Next Step.
  5. If everything is “OK”, click Next Step.
  6. Choose your preferred layout and items to import per cycle and then click Start Migration.
  7. Wait until the Migration finishes.
  8. That’s it, your forum should now be migrated to wpForo.

How to find your Database credentials

If for some reason “Use current database connection credentials” button does not work, follow these steps:

  1. Download and Install File Manager Plugin.
  2. Open WP File Manager.
  3. Find wp-config.php and right click on it.
  4. Click Preview.
  5. Copy copy in red.
  6. Navigate to 2goWpForo => YourForum.
  7. Paste those credentials here.


Keep same permalink

  1. Open your old forum.
  2. From your URL, note down what is after yoursitename.com/

    in my case it is /forum/
  3. From WP Dashboard, navigate to Plugins => Installed Plugins.
  4. Find and deactivate your old forum plugin.
  5. From WP Dashboard, navigate to Forums => Settings.
  6. In Forum Base URL section, change community to your forum’s url (in my case it is forum).
  7. Click Update options.
  8. That’s it.

Why WPForo?

The best thing about WpForo is that it is constantly maintained and supported by developers and it’s design looks modern and attractive more than any other forum plugin out there. 

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