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How’s Unlimited Membership Site Support Sound?

hows unlimited membership site support sound

Today I’m very proud (and terrified) to introduce a brand new service I’m launching called MemberFix. In a nutshell, MemberFix give you unlimited small fixes, updates, and tweaks to your WordPress Membership Site, starting at $85/month.

Need to protect some content but don’t have time? MemberFix it. Need to create a new membership level? MemberFix it. Need to link up some videos in your members area? You know what to do.

Cute slogans aside, MemberFix is like having a membership site expert as your personal VA. You submit your tasks one a time, my team and I complete them, and you reclaim a little of your sanity.

Some of you, my cherished clients, know how much I charge per hour to do various small jobs (if I’m even available in the first place). So I think it’s fair to say that MemberFix is a phenomenal deal.

As this is a soft launch, I’m only taking on a dozen or so clients. This will give me a little time to document our processes, refine communication and hire some more staff if need be.

Finally, on a personal note, I’m scared out of my wits. But…I kind of like that feeling. It reminds me that I’m alive and not getting complacent.

It’s also an impetus to keep forging ahead decisively into a better future for what we do as online entrepreneurs.

==> Click here to check out MemberFix <==

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