Key Takeaways:

  • Forget about Asia; focus your hiring efforts in Eastern Europe.
  • Start your Eastern European freelancers hourly and see how they perform.
  • Build relationships with your Eastern European contractors; they will pay off!

If you’ve tried to expand your team before you know that finding the right people to help you take your business to the next level is no easy task. It seems like job board platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer are full of riff raff. Hiring often feels like a crapshoot. And the best people – the ones you really want – are either too expensive, too busy to provide any meaningful help, or both.

But don’t despair!

Because in this article I’m going to share with you how we’ve been building our team with quality Eastern European workers for the last year without breaking the bank, and without having to accept subpar performance as some twisted fact of life when it comes to hiring in developing countries…

…’cos it ain’t!

team directory - How we hire rockstar team members in Eastern Europe

Our team directory! Mostly Eastern Europeans 🙂

Why many online businesses are turning to Eastern Europe

If you’ve ever hired in South / Southeast Asia you may have observed that workers from these regions tend to lack a sense of ownership over their roles and responsibilities.

It’s common for contractors from countries like the Philippines and India, for instance, to make promises that they can’t deliver on, routinely miss deadlines, make all manner of excuses for poor performance, and even to disappear for days on end, reappear, and act as if nothing unusual has happened.

To the Western business mind this kind of behavior just doesn’t compute. In the USA, if you disappear you may as well stay disappeared because your job’s likely disappeared along with you! But beyond any personal annoyance you may feel from this strange decorum, the material issue is that you can’t move your business forward if your team members aren’t doing what they’re supposed to.

These quirks are well known in South / Southeast Asian cultures, and no amount of filtering, training, reprimanding, managing, or any other “-ing” will change that fact. While the burden of empowering your team to do great work is always on you, trying to turn fundamentally subpar performers into A players will rob you of time, money and wits all at once.

In a word, you’ve got to fish in the right pond.

If you want to hear some real life examples of hiring gone wrong, I suggest you listen to a bit of the podcast below. In this revealing chat, I speak with my good friend Josh Denning – CEO of AuthorityFactory – about his experiences hiring workers from all of the major outsourcing countries, over the course of nearly a decade!

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