Divi is one of the world’s most popular WordPress themes.

In fact, Elegant Themes—the company that makes Divi—claims that their themes have been installed on over 500,000 sites! And of all their themes, Divi is undoubtedly the most popular. So it’s entirely plausible that the Divi theme is active on somewhere in the neighborhood of a few hundred thousand websites. Not too shabby!

But in truth, I hesitate to even call Divi a theme in the conventional sense of the term because of how incomplete and limited most WordPress themes are.


Divi isn’t so much a theme as a comprehensive and intuitive design FRAMEWORK for WordPress. That’s because unlike 99% of themes, Divi gives you a crazy amount of control and flexibility over the design of your website.

What makes Divi so darn special?

We’e been in partnership with Elegant Themes—the company that makes Divi—for over 3 years now, and it has become one of our core pieces of tech.

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With rare exception, we use Divi on ALL of our professional websites, including:

– MemberFix (this site) – our managed WordPress hosting service (our private training portal for our team)
– Various niche sites (riseandshine4life, etc.)
– Many of our customers’ sites

…and naturally, our Divi design partner Lesly Garreau—owner of—uses Divi exclusively on his personal sites (like his awesome Watercolors Membership Site—, and on all of his customers’ websites.

But of course, the fact that a lot of people use something doesn’t necessarily make it ‘good’.

Which begs the question: what’s so special about Divi that it’s kept us faithful for years while most of the online world engages in frivolous polythemery?

It seems like the minute a hot, new Elementor or Beaver Builder comes along to entice peoples’ shiny object syndrome, they start looking for excuses to jump ship.

The answer in our case is simple: Divi gives us absolutely everything we need, and then some.

You see, over the years I’ve witnessed countless themes and page builders come on the scene with great hype and fanfare—as if announced by a procession of trumpets.

Some were fly-by-night apps that vanished into relative obscurity. Some, however, are legit companies with legit apps that have endured and won a share of the market. But not once in all of this time have we been tempted to switch away from Divi, despite the often grotesque, affiliate-fueled, over-hyped feeding frenzies that tend to occur when a new theme or page builder hits the market.

I’ve seen this hype frenzy ensue—and you probably have, too—with:

OptimizePress 1
OptimizePress 2
Thrive Architect
Beaver Builder
Astra Theme
Visual Composer

…et al.

Let me be clear:

I’ve used several of the themes and page builders on this list in my own projects. As a matter of fact, this very website used to run on OptimizePress 2! And prior to that we ran on Thesis. But once we made the switch to Divi we simply had no use for any of these other themes or builders.

Had I known about Divi from the start, I wouldn’t have needed to use anything else in the first place.

That’s because Divi can do virtually anything you can imagine. I’ve found there’s almost nothing that a competing theme or page builder has put out that we haven’t been able to do with Divi.

(An exception to this—as of this writing on 5/19—is that Elegant Themes hasn’t released the Divi Theme Builder yet, which will be a huge boon for designers because it will let them create custom page templates down to the pixel using the Divi Builder!

3 build custom areas - The most comprehensive DIVI review ever written

This mainly affects professional designers and developers, not so much the lay user, so it’s not a problem for us and is unlikely to be a problem for you.

And course, there are workarounds through the use of ‘global’ module / row / section settings, and the use of an awesome little extension called AC Shortcodes. Or, simply creating layouts and saving them to the Divi Library as a sort of unofficial template.)

The overarching point is that you can achieve absolutely any look and feel you want with Divi. And the aggressive pace of innovation and new features that Elegant Themes constantly release hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down since we became customers. (You can verify that for yourself by looking at Divi’s release updates archive).

In a word, Divi is our rock. 

And in this Divi review I will dive deeper than the deepest Cousteau would ever go into the unique features and benefits of this fantastic framework.

While I will of course keep this review as objective as possible and duly point out the shortcomings I’ve discovered, you can expect a mostly positive appraisal from me; one that Divi has earned time and again with the hard work they put into making what I consider to be the best WordPress theme on the market.

Divi Pricing

Divi is one of the best values around.

For one thing, you don’t just get Divi when you sign up to be a member with Elegant Themes. You get access to all of their themes and plugins (including a really good optin plugin called Bloom and an equally excellent social sharing plugin called Monarch).

DiviElementorBeaver BuilderOptimizePressThrive Themes
Price (1 year)$89$199$199$197$588
Renewal discount?$025%40%56%$0
Price (3 years)$267$500$440$397$1764
# of installs allowedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited30unlimited
Access to other themes / plugins?Yes; full accessn/an/aYes; full accessYes; full access

The Divi Visual Builder

Divi has essentially two different builders: the classic builder and the visual builder.

But within each of these broad categories there are different views and modes that you can configure to make Divi work perfectly with your preferred workflow.

Let’s start by looking at the primary builder that Divi offers, the visual builder. This is the most advanced builder and the one you’ll probably use most often.

In this section I’ll touch on some of the unique things you can do with the Divi builder that make it so rad.

Please note that this section covers the Divi VISUAL builder (aka the “front end editor”, or the “live editor”). These are all different names for the dedicated visual Divi Builder experience.

Here’s what the Visual Builder looks like when you’re working with it:

Image2525202019 05 30252520at2525202.33.36252520PM - The most comprehensive DIVI review ever written

Extend styles

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