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How to backup the whole bucket to local machine using AWS Comand Line Interface (AWS CLI).
Tired of manually downloading, re-naming, and uploading your Zoom recordings to your Google Drive account? Use this automated solution instead…
Restrict access to your Amazon S3 files only to members WITHOUT using any plugins or third-party tools…
Want to migrate your ACTIVE customer subscriptions from Chargebee to Stripe? This step by step guide will show you exactly how to do it…
How to automatically check for and cancel duplicate Stripe subscriptions using Zapier.
Getting hard times to transfer your data to another password management solution? Click here to read our comprehensive tutorial!
Getting hard times to choose a password management solution? Click here to read our comprehensive review and tutorial!
How to Set Up Gmail Auto Reply During Certain Hours of the Day?
Want FreshDesk to send a notification to Slack whenever you get an urgent ticket? Use this cool Zapier method. Works on ANY FreshDesk plan!
In this article you’ll learn how to automatically make sure that folks who submit a contact form on your site get added as leads in Salesforce
Creating the same type of page over and over with your WordPress page builder? Save time by adding WordPress Page templates to your toolbox!
Learn how to display same comments list and form on multiple pages.
Follow this step-by-step tutorial with screenshots that shows you how to install Hotjar on your site, and set up your first heatmap and screencast today!
Video editing software spits out uncompressed video files that are hundreds, even THOUSANDS of megabytes in size. This tutorial will show you how to compress your vids for fast online
Do you want to make your YouTube video disappear automatically after it finishes playing? This quick & dirty tutorial that will show you how!