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Your Site Sucks And You Don’t Even Know It

What do you think your prospects and members feel as they move through your funnel and interact with your membership site?

Does the experience of being on your site thrill, motivate and encourage your visitors to become members and remain members?

Or do they find your site confusing, cumbersome and ultimately not worth the money?

9 times out of 10, membership site owners are blissfully unaware of all the little nuances that conspire to give their site an amateurish flow which reduces conversion, increases churn and leaves a lot of money on the table.

If you’re not 100% sure that you don’t have this problem…then you have this problem!

Yes – we’re talking about User Experience.

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Crappy User Experience Is Costing You Serious Money

So Far, You’ve Done Everything Right So What’s Missing…?

We can increase revenue by leveraging your existing content, suggesting presale bumps, offering upsells/downsells/cross-sells, and adding a recurring component to one-off revenue streams. 

High engagement in your members areas is your number one defense against member cancellation.

We suggest ways to improve member retention so that members stay on longer, get more value, help you build your community, and spend more with you
After your members have consumed your content, what incentive do they have to stay members? Answer: community. Create a kickass community and watch your retention soar!
This is a core tenet of good User Experience. We will help you make every interaction your prospects and members have with your brand simple and elegant. In other words – a true pleasure!
There are many things that influence the success of your site including design, site speed, content strategy, marketing, and more. We give powerful suggestions in each of these areas.

How It Works

We collect the info we need to run our assessment
Once we have your information, we begin our documented, proven assessment process.
Then we email you a detailed sheet of improvements. No fluffy crap. Just actionable tasks you can implement the same day to take your site to the next level.

We Love Our Clients, They Love Us

Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)
Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)
Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)
Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)
Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)
Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)
Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)
Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)

Who Are We?

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The Undisputed Membership Site Experts

See that guy on the left? That’s me, Vic Dorfman! Thanks for taking the time to stop by this page.

My team and I have been setting up membership sites for entrepreneurs and businesses to great acclaim for years.

Not only have we worked with all the major platforms on the market, we have great working relationships with many of the developers of these platforms.

Our only business is WordPress membership sites, it’s all we do! And we do it better than anybody else online.

Our mission is to free you of the technical overwhelm and confusion that accompanies setting up a membership site, so you can focus on creating, interacting with your community, and earning recurring revenue from your satisfied members.

Transparent Pricing, No Contracts, Cancel Anytime

One-Time Fee



30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied with the quality of our product, we’ll refund your money within 30 days of delivery.

Placeholder - Assess It, Improve It (UX audit)
Who Will Perform My Assessment?

Vic Dorfman – The membership site expert and owner of this site will personally perform your assessment. ?

You’re free to inquire with us, but we can’t guarantee that we’ll have the availability to implement these suggestions. In either case, rest assured they will be highly actionable so that you can easily hand them over to your team.

No. This service is for established membership sites doing at $5k/mo in revenue.

The proof’s in the pudding. We’ve set up hundreds of membership sites. We’ve worked with countless platforms and 3rd party tools. And we’ve built relationships with the developers of many of the top companies in this niche. We pride ourselves on a very high level of technical competence, people skills, no BS transparent marketing and results. And, in case the testimonials didn’t make it clear, we love our clients and they love us right back!

We believe in treating root causes. If you think aggressive marketing and chasing down new members at a rate faster than they cancel is the key to success in your membership site, you’re missing the x-factor: making your members so delighted and honored to be a part of your community that you couldn’t pay them to quit. That’s what we’re after. How much is that worth to your business…? Probably tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars, to say nothing of the ripple effect it has on your brand and reputation.