In this article you’re going to learn how to consolidate your Airtable data into fewer tables so that you end up with a neater, more organized base. 

And let me be clear: this is not a “theoretical” article!

You see, here at MemberFix we run many aspects of our business from within an Airtable base that we call our MemberFix Control Center

Over time, as we’ve continued to add new tabs and new categories of information to our control center, we started to notice multiple tables with redundant data.

For example, we initially had a table for Customers and a separate table for Team Members.

But in Airtable, you ideally want to place similar categories of information in one table. In this case, both customers and team members can be grouped under the umbrella term “people”. 

(And for that matter, so can Partners, Affiliates, and any other type of “person”.)

As you might imagine, it can get messy to have your data in too many different places.

So we decided to do a little housekeeping by consolidating multiple related tables into single tables wherever it made sense to do so.

From there, we just created Airtable Views to easily look up the various sub-categories of information in a given table.

(For instance, in our People tab, we have a “customers” view, a “team members” view, a “partners” view, and so forth.)

Here’s how you can do the same.

Video Tutorial

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Article Title: How to merge multiple tables to single one in Airtable

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