What makes the Divi theme such a great choice for building your membership site…? After all, there are tons of slick WordPress themes, plugins and page builders that all boast loads of features and an easy-to-use interface. We here at MemberFix use Divi on all of our production sites because it’s powerful, flexible, affordable, and well-maintained.

PROS of Divi Theme


Design for desktop, tablet, and mobile


Save, export, and import your layouts and elements


Affordable pricing


HUGE support community


Comes in both plugin and theme version

CONS of Divi Theme


Slight learning curve


Not as intuitive as some other page builders


Some CSS knowledge helpful (but not required)


There are a lot of excellent page builders out there such as OptimizePress (which we also use and love!), Beaver Builder, Elementor, Thrive Architect, Visual Editor, and many more. But Divi has been around for years and powers tens of thousands of sites. It works well, can do just about anything, and is rock solid. It’s earned our trust and endorsement and we use it on all of our projects!


Divi is developed extremely well. So it’s fast, flexible and rarely causes any kinds of conflicts. Because of the popularity of Divi, there are also thousands of Divi experts on Upwork and similar platforms to whom you can delegate your design work. We use Divi Design Service 🙂


Divi is not the only game in town, and it’s not for everybody. Everyone has their own style and preferences when it comes to technology. We can only recommend what works for us and try to provide solid reasons for our opinions. In the end, you really have to try a few different options and come to your own conclusions. The main thing is that your tech works for YOU!


Easy to use Visual Editor

Sexy pre-made layouts

Fully mobile / tablet responsive

Dozens of high quality elements

A/B testing built in!

More Features!

Available in 32 languages

Rock solid security

Speed optimization built right in

Unlimited site license

Only $89 per year


Try this site on your mobile. Looks good, eh? 😉

Thanks to Lesly Garreau from Divi Design Service for creating the Divi elements that you see on this page. The truth is that Divi is infinitely flexible, which is why we use it on all our main business websites, including MemberFix, SpeedKills.io and RiseAndShine4Life.com, among others.

Although I myself am NOT a designer and (unfortunately) don’t have much of an eye for design, I find Divi really easy to use. It’s got 3 separate builders including a visual builder, a grid builder and a drag and drop elements builder (kinda like Legos!) If I really need some special design work done that I can’t figure out myself I ask Lesly to help. 🙂 Again, Divi isn’t the end all be all. There are plenty of options out there! We just happen to like it and it works for us, so we’re sharing the good news!


You can use this cool little text box to recap important notes in a blog post, or create attractive elements to break the monotony of text.

I asked Lesly to create these elements because I loved the way that the guys AuthorityHackers.com were using Thrive Architect elements in their posts to add visual spice. So now we can too, and so can you!