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Hey {My First Name (First):1.3}, I’m totally stoked to have you on the Membership Site Success podcast!

wpspin light - Podcast Welcome



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To make this the best podcast experience possible (for you, for me, and for the listeners!) please take note of the items below. I look forward to our chat!
– Vic

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wpspin light - Podcast Welcome
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    Your microphone

    In order to get a great sound for our interview you’ll need to have an external microphone of some sort. I personally use a Samson Go Mic ( It’s $35 on Amazon and is absolutely amazing (not to mention portable).

    If all you have is your built in computer microphone please invest in a Samson Go Mic before coming on the show. If the audio quality turns out poorly I will not publish the show.

    This is to make both of us sound good (and look good) to our audience and of course, to give the listener a high-quality listening experience that most podcasters and guests simply don’t take the time to craft.

    We can do better than the ‘average’! If you already have a decent external mic of some sort, please ignore this item. 🙂

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    Tips for a good recording

    I – Try to pick a small room with a lot of furniture and sound-absorbing items like curtains and walls with pictures. Please try your best to not record in a large, echo-filled room. This automatically makes your voice sound ‘distant’.

    II – Turn off your mobile, tablet, email, and social media before our call. I will do the same. simple smile - Podcast Welcome

    III – Spend 15 minutes before the show getting the lighting right. Go to Skype => Preferences => Audio/Video and play with the lighting in the room and location of your computer while watching the preview screen. I will do the same.

    IV – Please dress in a way that represents your best self. You don’t have to suit up (although that would be badass) but at least wear an ironed dress shirt and tidy up your recording space.

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    Recording insurance

    I’ll be recording our call on my end of course and I ask that you please record the audio of our call on your end as well. If you have some kind of call recorder for Skype already, please use that.

    Otherwise, you can use Quicktime: QuickTime Player => File => New Audio Recording (Make sure an input source is selected so that it captures audio – Press big red button to record a sound check.

    I’ll ask you to upload your recording to Dropbox once we’re through. This way I have HQ audio on both my end and your end! This makes for a higher quality production and allows finer edits. In other words, I want to make us sound really good!