MemberPress Checkout Limitations

MemberPress is one of the best WordPress membership plugins on the market.

As one of MemberPress’s qualified contractors, we literally work with it daily!

But while the MemberPress cart is great for most use cases right out of the box, it doesn’t offer native integration with some of the less common payment gateways that our customers use. One solution is to use a MemberPress Woocommerce integration plugin.

For non-Western businesses or high risk merchants (e.g adult, forex, gambling, etc.) that don’t have access to Stripe but still want to be able to use MemberPress, this is a big deal.

In these situations we generally recommend one of two options:

1 – Hire us to build a custom integration directly with MemberPress and your preferred payment processor (assuming the payment processor’s API is well developed enough to do so).

2 – OR, use WooCommerce to process your members’ payments and use MemberPress to serve protected content, manage members, etc. You can read our full WooCommerce review here.

Why Use WooCommerce With MemberPress?

Because you’ll be able to use pretty much any payment processor in existence!

You see, WooCommerce is the biggest shopping cart plugin in the WordPress ecosystem.

It has a huge number of extensions that includes a wide range of integrations with various payment processors outside of the standard options of Paypal, Stripe,, etc.

So rather than hiring us to custom code an integration between MemberPress and your payment gateway, it’s often better (and cheaper) to “piggy back” on an existing integration that already works with WooCommerce.

Just Google, “WooCommerce” + “Your payment gateway”.

Chances are, somebody’s already developed an extension that allows you to accept payment with your preferred gateway.

How to Integrate MemberPress and WooCommerce

Using WooCommerce for your checkout and MemberPress for your membership creates a new problem: you have to keep the two apps in sync.

We ran into this situation so often that we decided to create a plugin that keeps your MemberPress data in sync with your WooCommerce data.

Our plugin solves this dilemma and liberates you from the constraints of MemberPress’s checkout system so that you get total control over your shopping cart experience, payment gateways, and funnels.

But you still get to use MemberPress’s awesome functionality for the membership side of things.

We have a bunch of customers using our plugin already and it works great.

Now it’s available to you. 🙂

What Exactly Does Our MemberPress WooCommerce Plugin Do?

1 – It gives you the possibility to map WooCommerce products with MemberPress memberships

2 – It is using WooCommerce functionality to be notified whenever a new purchase has come through or a renewal payment has come through

3 – It creates the corresponding data in MemberPress to keep them both synchronized

4 – It makes sure that when a member is canceled in WooCommerce or MemberPress they will be canceled in both places



1 – Hover over the Plugins sidebar menu item and click on Add New

step 1 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

2 – Click on Upload Plugin

step 2 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

3 – Click on Choose file

step 3 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

4 – Click on Install Now

step 4 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

5 – Activate the plugin

step 5 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)


1 – Hover over the WooCommerce menu item in the sidebar

step 1 1 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

On that page you should see something like this:

step 2 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

On the left side, we have our WooCommerce products and on the right side, we have dropdowns that have the MemberPress memberships.

2 – Map your WooCommerce products to the MemberPress memberships

step 3 1 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

3 – Optionally you can also set one of the payment gateways to be added to the transactions that will be created in MemberPress

step 4 1 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

Here you can see where you can get the Payment Gateway ID

4 – When that’s all done, save the settings.

step 5 1 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

How to get the Payment Gateway ID

1 – Hover over MemberPress in the sidebar menu and click on Settings

step 1 2 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

2 – Click on the payments tab

step 2 1 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

3 – You can copy the ID from this section

step 3 2 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)

4 – Now that you have installed and configured the plugin it will start working.

So that whenever there is a new purchase of a mapped product in WooCommerce it will create a new transaction or subscription in MemberPress.

Also, renewals will create new transactions whenever a WooCommerce renewal comes through.

MemberPress WooCommerce 2 Way Sync Plugin 1024x683 - MemberPress WooCommerce Integration Plugin (How To)


Feature Requests and Support

If you have a feature request or would like to submit a support request just use the form below. 😉