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“Your WordPress membership site is only as solid as the membership site software you run it on!”

Founder, MemberFix

If you’re like most of the people who want to own a highly profitable membership site, you’re probably overwhelmed by all of the software options out there.

In fact, you probably get a headache trying to figure out things like:

…and of course, how to put it all together into a beautiful, valuable and profitable membership site.

You may have even purchased a few courses or joined a few online communities to support you on your journey.

Maybe you’ve even succeeded in launching a membership site (boom!)

But whether your WordPress membership website is already a successful business venture or just an exciting idea bouncing around in your head, the fundamental question you’re asking yourself is probably…

“How can I take this to the next level?”

If you haven’t started your membership site yet, you need to know figure out which tech will be easy enough to work with and simultaneously serve the needs of your members.

And if you already own a cashflow-positive membership business, then you need practical strategies to attract new members, reduce churn, and improve your customer lifetime value, and the TOOLS that will make that possible.

I’m Vic Dorfman and my team and I are here to help you get the tech and software side of your membership site business handled.

I’m known online as the membership site expert and for over 5 years now my sole focus has been helping membership site owners plan, setup, launch, market, maintain, and support their WordPress membership sites.

I’ve worked in a dizzying array of different markets, from crochet to Brazilian jiu jitsu, to fitness coaching, to meditation, and countless others.

And yes, I’ve owned 2 profitable membership sites and am in the process of building my 3rd, most ambitious site to date (in the songwriting niche!) ?

I’m the founder of two complementary service businesses: MemberFix and

MemberFix helps you solve your most frustrating membership site software problems by putting me and my team of developers, designers and systems administrators right at your fingertips.

Our sister service, provides insanely fast WordPress hosting that is 100% managed for you. This is a boutique business I started to scratch my own itch around what I consider to be a landscape littered with terrible hosting companies.

Many of our MemberFix customers are also happy customers. 🙂

In our work with hundreds of highly successful membership site owners, we’ve learned how to select, configure and support all of the best in class applications and services you need to run a visually stunning and truly professional subscription community, while keeping in mind and respecting your level of tech savvy.

Our mission? To share these learnings with you in a digestible, entertaining, personality-infused format, and to support you via our quality services. Don’t want to do your membership site tech tasks yourself? Who can blame you! Delegate them to our team of pros instead, and get on with building your business…

As an online entrepreneur myself, I’ve helped hundreds of membership site entrepreneurs learn how to master the business behind their business. I’ve tried to distill my experience into bite-sized, actionable lessons that people like me circa 2011 could avoid.

So if you’re looking to take the next step towards the growing success of your membership site and avoid much of the fluff and shallow advice that’s associated with the membership site arena, you’re in the right place.

Step 1: Sign up for my free mini course, “Membership Site Success”. This has helped dozens of membership site owners of all different levels chart an actionable plan to the next of their success. Click the big button below to get started.

Step 2: Check out the dozens of in-depth articles, guides, and podcast episodes that you’ll find inside the MemberFix ecosystem.

Pick from our most popular articles and resources to help you get started:

Everything You Need To Know About WordPress Membership Site Software

Our content is based on real work we’ve been doing in the WordPress membership sites space for over 7 years!

Enjoy some of our most popular articles and videos below. 🙂

Quite possibly.

Your membership plugin is the ENGINE that powers your membership business.

So this is one thing you definitely want to make sure you get right.

Learn about the best membership plugin WordPress has to offer, and make sure you nail this crucial decision!

Design matters!

Your theme is the face of your business.

Not only that, it’s the tech that creates the look & feel of your members area.

Learn about our top picks for WordPress membership theme choices and save yourself some headaches.

Heck, yes!

And we’re living proof.

The MAIN tool we use to run our MemberFix business is Airtable!

So make sure to read our full Airtable review and explore our Airtable Tutorials hub.

? It shall rock your world. ?

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