itunes - Episode 13: Brian Casel on Productized Servicesstitcher - Episode 13: Brian Casel on Productized Services
brian casel - Episode 13: Brian Casel on Productized Services

Today’s guest on The Membership Site Success podcast is Brian Casel!

Brian’s claim to fame is going from freelancer trading his time for money, to creating and building up a successful “productized” service called Restaurant Engine, which Brian went on to sell.

Brian then founded *another* productized services business called Audience Ops. What the heck are productized services anyway, and why have they become so incredibly popular? Well, you’re just going to have to listen to the show to find out!

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Mentioned On The Show

Restaurant Engine – Brian’s previous company, which he exited after founding it and building it up.

AudienceOps – Brian’s current productized services business, which offers end-to-end content marketing.

CasJam – Brian’s blog.

Productize – Brian’s course on how to create a profitable productized service.

Theme Jam – One of Brian’s first online ventures, a WordPress theme marketplace.

WP Bids – Brian’s WordPress-based proposal creation software.