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Today’s guest on The Membership Site Success podcast is Nathalie Lussier!

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Nathalie is the founder of AmbitionAlly, a design-first, user-first company that Nathalie runs with her developer husband (how convenient! I need a transcriptionist girlfriend…) to produce attractive, functional WordPress plugins that appeal to female audiences.

Among the excellent plugins that Nathalie and her husband have authored are PopupAlly, an easy-to-implement, “polite” popup that can double your conversions, AccessAlly, a membership plugin with deep Infusionsoft and Ontraport integration, and others.

nathalie lussier - Episode 11: Nathalie Lussier on The Primacy of Design and Winning in the Female Market

Nathalie has been through the Silicon Valley tech wringer AND the Wall Street strainer, after which she cleaved off to start her own freelance business, and eventually her current business.

Nathalie really knows her stuff and in this episode she shares about:

– The trend of women creating beautiful things online…and taking men along for the ride!

– How to use design to crystallize your brand

– The value of making things people actually want to use

– How to approach busy and influential people in a way that makes them want to do business with you

– The unique challenges of marketing to women

– What it means to be a “sensitive marketer”

– What it’s like to work with your husband

…and more!

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You can connect with Nathalie on Twitter, @NathLussier.

Also make sure to check out Nathalie’s 30 Day Listbuilding challenge!

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Mentioned In This Episode:

1. Design for Hackers by David Kadavy – Book recommendation by Nathalie. The book is subtitled “Reverse engineering beauty”.

2. David Kadavy’s Blog

3. The Reverse Opt-in – Nathalie’s wildly popular blog post that flies in the face of conventional list-building wisdom.

4. Asana – Nathalie’s preferred project management solution. And it’s free!

5. Slack – Nathalie’s preferred team chat app. And mine as well!

6. Confluence by Atlassian – Team collaboration tool by Atlassian which Nathalie uses as a company Wiki of sorts.

7. Work The System by Sam Carpenter – Game-changing business book. If you haven’t read it yet…get it now!

8. Nathalie’s personal blog



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