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Sign up for one of our MemberHost plans for 10 months and get 2 months as a bonus!

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Ultra Performant WordPress Hosting For Your Website

MemberHost is our exclusive, invite-only hosting product.

We built MemberHost from the ground up for the WordPress membership community.

MemberHost outperforms the majority of conventional hosts on virtually all key metrics.

We help your site run smoothly and performantly on the front and backend even as you scale to hundreds and thousands of members.

Custom Configured—Just For You

We custom configure each hosting environment just for you—based on your site’s unique tech stack and requirements.

The majority of hosting companies out there try to make everyone happy with one-size-fits-all solutions and aggressive caching.

But here at MemberHost, we are totally obsessed with one thing:

Providing enterprise level performance—at non-enterprise prices!—for “transactionally heavy” WordPress sites, such as:

Annual Deal

Sign up for one of our MemberHost plans for 10 months and get 2 months as a bonus!

Let’s Discuss Your Needs

MemberHost Is Ideal For:


Raise Your Speed Score and Google Web Vitals

Our hosting stack outperforms the vast majority of popular hosting providers on critical performance metrics like TTFB, FCP, Start Render, Web Vitals, Speed Index,Total Page Load time, etc.

Concurrent Users

No More Crashes When It Counts The Most

The Achilles Heel of transactionally heavy sites is sudden performance crashes when too many users visit. With MemberHost, we can support vastly more concurrent users than conventional hosting providers.


No More Downtime Due To Server Outages

We combine industry leading infrastructure with Failover Sync technology to ensure that your site is always up! Even if your main server goes down, DNS instantly switches over to an optional, fully synced secondary server.

Keep Hackers and Bad Actors Out For Good!

In our benchmarks we are the only provider who consistently scores “A” on security tests. We also advise our customers on which WordPress plugins to stay away from to stay safe.

Let’s Discuss Your Needs. 🙂

MemberHost isn’t for everyone. 

Our entire focus is on making “transactionally heavy” WordPress sites run quickly, securely, and with maximum uptime at scale

Some website configurations are a poor fit for MemberHost and we want to make sure we understand your setup before we decide to collaborate. 

Fill out the form below to book a quick Zoom chat with our founder, Vic.

If we find a fit and you want to move forward, we’ll honor the Black Friday deal then. 🙂