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? Learn how to use Airtable in your business to save LOADS of time and money…

? Comprehensive video trainings led by Vic (Founder/CEO) and the MemberFix team…

? Access to ALL of our Airtable templates and SOPs! ?

? Interactive Forum: Direct help, examples, and support from our team and other “Airheads”! ?

*110% Money-Back Guarantee for LIFE. Boom!

Dear friend, Just a few years ago I was a frazzled, chronically distracted “wantrepreneur…” 
A message from

Vic Dorfman, Founder - MemberFix

You see, I was using literally dozens of apps to run my business.

Trello, Pipefy, Google Sheets, SOP software, time tracking apps, etc… 

I always had a million browser tabs open, which made my “powerful” Macbook Pro crawl like a slug…

Even worse, I had the attention span of a fruit fly thanks to all of the app switching.

My poor team found this Frankenstein’s Monster demoralizing.

My customers were annoyed.

We were disorganized, distracted, and not as effective as we could be.

AND I was paying thousands of dollars per year for the privilege.

Sound familiar…?

But here’s the heartbreaker…

I’d already been working on my business, MemberFix, for 5 long years at that point.

And I just wasn’t getting the kind of traction that I thought was inevitable if you just “stick with it”.

I honestly wanted to give up so many times.

“I’m a smart guy”, I thought.

Why the heck is it taking me so long to figure this online business stuff out?

In hindsight, the answer is obvious:

It’s because I couldn’t break away from the mundane daily tasks of my business. 

I just couldn’t find the time and get organized enough to work ON the business.

I was stuck doing menial work instead of high-impact, strategic, PROFITABLE work.

You know—the kind of work that takes a business to the next level and really brings in the raving customers and $$$!

Then in 2018 a miracle happened to our business…

We discovered Airtable! ?

We sensed what a tremendous impact Airtable could have on our business.

So we took a gamble and went all in, 100%.

We started to use Airtable for almost everything…

? Accounting

? Payroll

? Vital Business Stats 

? Time Tracking

? Tasks management

? Operating Procedures

? Content Marketing

…and more.

And no matter what we throw at Airtable it seems to always be able to handle it!

I finally had the time to consistently work on tasks that really move the business forward.

I was finally having fun in my business instead of trudging through my workload.

In fact, by mid 2019 we were finally running like a well-oiled machine.

And between 2018 and 2019, we grew 100%! ?

As a ? on top, we were approached by a prospective buyer looking to acquire our business…

But correlation is NOT Causation!

OBVIOUSLY, just using Airtable isn’t going to magically get you a 7 figure exit offer and a sexy new Tesla in your garage.

There’s a lot of OTHER work that goes into building a mature business.

But let me be perfectly clear about one point…

Airtable has been a key, central ingredient to our transformation and growth.

I honestly don’t know how we’d get along without it!


Anyway, I seriously doubt that you’re here today to hear my life story or how wonderful Airtable is. ?

Because if you’ve read this far, you already know that Airtable is a total game changer.

What you’re really probably wondering is…

“Can Airtable bring the same unprecedented level of organization, automation, and streamlining to MY business as it has to Vic’s?”

“Can Airtable cut my app stack in half and save me a ton of cash the way it has for Vic…?”

“Can Airtable help me free up my time to work on the things that truly matter and truly move my business forward like it has for Vic…?”

Well I’ll save you the suspense…

The answer is yes, yes, and YES!

So the only question that remains is: HOW❓❓❓

Introducing Airtable by Example: Business Edition.

Airtable by Example is our flagship knowledge product which consists of a comprehensive, evolving video training library and a supportive, interactive community.

Airtable by Example teaches you how to use Airtable like a pro, just like we do in our own business.

And it doesn’t matter what position you hold in your company, or what kind of business you’re in.

Airtable by Example will help you absolutely master Airtable and take your organization to the next level of profits and success.

But before I tell you any more…

Let me say “thank you” for reading this far.

This shows me you value your time and sanity—your two scarcest resources!

You see, most people do things the hard way and learn primarily from their OWN mistakes.

But you’re willing to at least consider how you might benefit from over a year of painstaking trial and error, research, and collaboration that me and my team have already done FOR you!

And let’s face it, you also probably want all to get your hands on all of my time and effort saving shortcuts like:

? Our sweet done-for-you Airtable base and table templates…

? All of our step by step Operating Procedures about Airtable and more…

? Our Zapier zaps…

? Our custom scripts not found anywhere else…

? Our proven formulas that took countless hours to code…

? And of course, our direct assistance and support if you get tripped up…


Ever Wish You Had a Powerful Yet Simple
? Business “Control Center”…?

Now I don’t want to be too presumptuous…

It’s completely possible that you’re NOT interested in getting an insane head start and cutting your Airtable learning curve in half.

It’s possible that you’re NOT ready to learn how to use Airtable like a PRO and enjoy some of the same stellar results that I’ve experienced in my business.

No problem…

If this is as far as we go with this conversation, let me end it by giving you the biggest piece of the puzzle absolutely free of of charge. 

Below—no strings attached—is a free masterclass hosted by yours truly, that will walk you through the process of creating a business control center for your biz. ?

Watch this, implement it, and see your business transform.

You don’t even have to write me a thank you email.

Helping you GET AFTER IT is thanks enough.

If you’re still reading then you’re probably wondering what kind of things you’ll learn in Airtable by Example…

Let’s take a look, shall we?

Streamline Your KEY Business Processes
? Reclaim Countless Hours and Dollars

Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%25252011.16.46%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition

Tasks / Kanban

?️ Replace Trello and get something even better…

?️ Link tasks to team members, projects, timesheets and budgets…

?️ View tasks in multiple useful views including Gallery and Grid…

?️ Easy collaboration between team members…

Team Schedule 

?️ Easily organize and view your team’s schedule, days off, vacations…

?️ Quickly view schedule for ONE particular team member…

?️ Quickly view days off and vacations for entire team…

?️ Metadata for special days (content days, team meetings, etc)…

Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525203.59.48%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition
Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525205.39.40%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition

Detailed Accounting

? Finally, get ALL of your accounting data in ONE convenient place…

? Tag and sort all transactions into unlimited categories…

? Link transactions to specific people and projects…

? Import Paypal, Stripe, Bank, Credit Card info and make sense of it…

? Generate P&Ls, cashflow statements, balance sheets, ANYTHING!

Content Marketing

?️ Organize and track ALL of your content marketing efforts in one place…

?️ Set deadlines to hold your team accountable to content KPIs…

?️ Link content pieces to timesheets to discover the cost of content and ROI…

?️ Track video content for your YouTube channel…

Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525205.47.51%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition
Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525205.51.58%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition

Affiliate / JV Tracking

? Track your JV deals and contracts in one place…

? Link sales and conversion data back to specific JVs and offers…

? Easily calculate promotion stats to pay out affiliates…

? Automate your affiliate application and approval workflow…

Membership Site Tracking

? Track and analyze key membership metrics (churn, retention, etc)…

? Track member activity and engagement to identify weak spots…

? Store and organize your members area content and lessons…

? See which of your membership offers make money and which cost you…

Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525205.53.10%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition
Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525204.05.48%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition


? Easily log your optimizations in full detail…

? Reliably track the impact of tweaks on performance metrics…

? See exactly WHO makes WHAT changes and WHEN…

? Quickly pinpoint the cause of issues through filters and views…

? Generate private reports to your members and customers in a few clicks…


Itemized Timesheets

⏱️ Easily track your team’s time without extra apps…

⏱️ Link timesheet entries to specific customers and projects…

⏱️ Group your timesheets into special views to see where your team’s time goes…

⏱️ Instantly calculate direct labor costs…

⏱️ See which of your efforts make you the most money…


Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525204.11.10%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition
Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525204.44.15%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition

Vital Stats Dashboard

? View ANY vital stat you can think of (revenue, expenses, profit, etc)…

? View stats by month, quarter, year, etc…

? Automatically send a digest of key stats directly to your email…

? Identify money leaks and inefficiencies (this saved us $$$)…

?Make data driven decisions about your business…

Payroll Made Easy

? Auto calculate your team’s salaries…

? Automatically include days off, bonuses, and penalties in salary formula…

? Link timesheets directly to Payroll to remove human error

? Neatly log all payments ever made to your team…

? Save dozens of hours per year on this boring (but important!) task…


Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%2525205.55.33%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition
Image%2525202019 12 01%252520at%25252011.06.12%252520PM - Airtable by Example: Business Edition

Operating Procedures

? Keep a highly organized, taggable inventory of all your SOPs…

? Keep customer-specific SOPs and share them in a private view…

? Tag SOPs into categories and indicate level of completion…

? See an update log of various processes over time…

Get Rid of 50% of Your Expensive Apps
? (And Cut Your Browser Tabs in Half Too!)





Tasks Management




Workflow Management




Sales Pipeline / CRM




Accounting Software




Process Street
Operating Procedures App






Save up to $4k/yr with Airtable!

*You probably pay for a bunch of apps but use only a small fraction of the features…

It seems like a huge waste of money to pay for a full fledged CRM app like PipeDrive to use it for basic relationship management.

While Airtable can’t replace the advanced functionality of a particular niche app…

It most certainly CAN replace the basic functionality of a huge number of niche apps! 🙂

What Do I Get With This Knowledge Product?
? Aka, “What’s inside?”

When you login to the Airtable by Example members area, you’ll have three main options:

1 – Explore our library of Airtable training videos and learn how to use Airtable like a CEO super nerd.

2 – Go to the Airheads Forum and discuss Airtable issues with me, my team, and other “Airheads”.

3 – Download our done-for-you templates, SOPs, scripts and Zaps in the Downloads section and plug these time saving automations directly into your business for instant efficiency gains. 

As a member you will have unlimited, lifetime access to all of the new training videos, Airtable templates, SOPs, scripts, etc., that we release now and forever.


Sample Training Videos
? Check Out Some Free Samples

Team Scheduling

Content Marketing



[Case Study] Outreach

Business Control Center

What Does This Cost? ? Or, What IS Your Time Worth?

What do you think your time is worth…?




Maybe you value your time so much that you can’t even put a dollar figure on it.

(I know I do)…

What would it mean to your business and your personal life if you could save and AUTOMATE away 10 hours per month of your time?

And what if you could recover another 10 hours per month of each of your team member’s time…?

10 hours per month of your time at a conservative rate of $100/hr is $12,000/year!

If you add your team’s time in, you’re looking at INSANE efficiency gains that stretch into mid 5-figures territory and give you an unfair advantage.

This isn’t theoretical.

I’m not pulling it out of my you-know-what.

Implementing Airtable has saved me personally at least 100 hours of my life per year.

That’s 100 hours I can work on big hairy business goals.

Or, go for a swim in the ocean or an extra jiu jitsu class.

That’s 100 hours that me and my team don’t have to MANUALLY spend on some kind of mundane task.

Because we’ve automated it away.

(Or cut it down to a fraction of its former size).

Even if you only value your time at $50/hr and you can save 5 hours per month of your time using Airtable by Example… 

That still adds up to $3000 per year!

And that efficiency doesn’t just end after a year.

It keeps going year after year. 🙂

But I won’t charge $3000 for this knowledge product.

(Even though I could and it would be well worth the price!)

Nor will I charge $2000 which is pretty standard for a premium priced knowledge product of this caliber (and this level of impact).

I’m making Airtable by Example: Business Edition available to you for LIFE at a one-time fee of $997…

Airtable by Example is a risk free investment for you because it’s backed by my 110% money-back guarantee. That’s right, if you’re not satisfied I’ll refund your money and send you $97 on top of it!
A message from

Vic Dorfman, Founder - MemberFix

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