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Templates For WP Curve

3 Custom OptimizePress Templates for WP Curve Readers

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    Testimonial-Driven Squeeze Page

    This is a squeeze page template driven by testimonials. To see an example of this template, click HERE (opens in a new tab)

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    Sad Lily Expiring Confirmation Page

    This confirmation page uses scarcity in the form of a countdown timer to improve your confirmed opt-in rates. To see an example of this page, click HERE.

    I crafted this template while borrowing heavily from one of Ramit Sethi’s confirmation page. All of the evil genius kudos go to him!

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    Productized Service Landing Page

    This landing page template includes powerful persuasion triggers including social proof, authority, and scarcity. It also includes a Q&A section.

    To see an example of this landing page, click HERE (opens in a new window).