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Improve Your “Sleep IQ” in Just 60 Seconds

This simple app helps you track your sleep, uncover harmful patterns, and improve your “early riser” success rate. Sign up to get it below…

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This free app is the single most powerful tool I’ve found to improve your sleep quality, get up earlier, and kick more ass each day.

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Vic Dorfman

Founder – Dorfman Enterprises LTD

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If you want to become an early riser, stay an early riser, and reap the amazing benefits of this powerful habit for LIFE, I’ve got something cool to share with you.

I want to show you a totally free app that will make it easier than ever to break your bad habits and get in the groove of waking up early and kicking butt.

The problem with most “wake up early” advice is that it’s coming from other people. You have a natural resistance to other peoples’ advice, no matter how good that advice is. It’s just the way we’re built.

The most powerful changes are the ones that you choose yourself because of your own realizations. That’s why tracking is a game changer. I started using this simple app to help me log my workouts and I soon realized that it was great for tracking sleep patterns as well.

After a week of logging my sleep information I went back and looked at the data. I already kinda knew I had some bad habits, but I didn’t realize how much they were affecting my sleep and my goals. I couldn’t reject the information that I logged myself. It stared me in the face and showed me where I was messing up.

This incredibly simple and time-friendly tracking habit is one of the secrets of ultra-successful people in all walks of life. And I want to show you how you can use it in just 60 seconds per day to transform the most vital part of your routine: your sleep.

If you’re not willing to invest a measly 60 seconds per day to get closer to the life of your dreams, then you can leave this page now. But if you’re ready to put in a tiny amount of effort for a huge result, click the button below and pick the answer that best describes you from the dropdown. Then I’ll send over your app right away!