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How to embed video on a Zaxaa hosted thank you page

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1 - Login to Zaxaa


2 - Go to Products => Manage


3 - Select the product for which you want to embed a video on the Zaxaa hosted thank you page


4 - Select Page Settings from the tabs at the top


5 - Scroll down to Use Hosted Thank You Page and set it to YES

yes - Forum


6 - In the content editor click the HTML icon (indicated by the red arrow in the screenshot below)


html - Forum


7 - Insert the code snippet in the text file below where you want your video to be embedded:


8 - Replace the width and height dimensions in bold above with the width and height you prefer for your video


9 - Replace the URL of the poster image after poster= with the URL of whatever poster image you want for your video (if any).


Make sure to do this in both places of the snippet.


10 - Replace the URL of the video file you want.


Make sure to do this in both places in the snippet.


11 - Click Preview Thank You/Product Access and make sure the video plays.


If it doesn’t, carefully check the snippet for any misspellings or possible syntax errors.

Topic starter Posted : 15/04/2016 7:28 am