DAP - Problems after migrating to another hosting company  

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We recently did a migration of 2 DAP sites from an Australian hosting company (Uber Global) to Bluehost.

After the migration was complete we experienced 2 issues:


Issue #1

Site A returned a 500 internal server error whenever we activated LiveLinks.

We activated DAP Easy Installer and it didn't crash the site but whenever we clicked on the DAP Easy Installer tab in the menu it also returned a 500 internal server error.


When we migrated our site files we failed to update our dap-config.php file with the values from wp-config.php.

Make sure you use the values from /public_html/yoursite/wp-config.php and place those same values in /public_html/yoursite/dap/dap-config.php

Then reactivate LiveLinks, it should work.


Issue #2

After migration we couldn't get the welcome email to send from our server.


Make sure to create the 'from' emails on your new hosting account.

Once you move to a new hosting solution you usually have to recreate the email account on the new hosting.

After you've created the email give it up to an hour to propagate and then try to resend the welcome email.

Also make sure that your settings in DAP => Email => SMTP look like this:

Local Web Host Y

All other email servers N

Posted : 11/01/2016 9:18 pm