DAP members paying in Paypal but getting P user status  

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Somebody comes to your site and checks out for your product.

He pays in paypal - but in DAP he's got a "p" user status and he didn't get access to the purchased product.



1. The "p" user status indicates "pre-registration". 
That is, the guy came and filled out the checkout form but either A) abandoned the cart before paying (which would only be the case with Paypal, not with any on-site payment processor like Stripe/ 
B) he submitted payment via Paypal but the payment is in "pending" status, thus putting his DAP membership account into pending status as well until the funds clear.
2. Sometimes this happens because the member tried to pay with a Paypal e-check.
You can check this for yourself by going to DAP => Payments => Orders and searching for the email ID of the user in question (make sure to set the date range wide enough to cover the actual date he paid).
In the payment status column for this user you'll see a 'pending' status and if/when the check clears, it'll be updated to 'completed'.
3. Another scenario is when a prospect attempted to pay with Paypal but his payment is 'pending' for another reason.
The most common reason this happens (besides the user trying to pay with an e-check) is because Paypal flags the transaction and puts it into a status of of "payment review".
Whatever the case may be, you find out the reason the transaction is pending by clicking on the transaction ID of the pending transaction.
Then you'll see a field in DAP called the Transaction Blob.
If you read carefully through the transaction blog, it looks like a mess but is actually pretty enlightening.
Here's what a transaction blob looks like:
I've highlighted some of the important bits above.
&last_name tells you the buyer's last name (duh).
&residence_country tells you the buyer's country of residence (duh again).
&pending_reason tells you WHY the transaction is pending and hasn't been cleared.
In this case the reason is paymentreview.
This is basically paypal flagging this particular user's transaction as suspicious:
Typically, they will either clear it or decline it within 24 hours.
4. FYI: You can check all of the members you have pre-registered by going to DAP => Users => Manage and setting 'user status' to 'pre-registration' and then hitting the search button.
This way you know that all of these people either have pending payments or have abandoned the paypal cart during checkout.
So you can email these people individually to follow up and see if you can't get them to sign up somehow. 🙂
They were sooo close, maybe your personalized email will turn them into a buyer!
Posted : 07/07/2015 3:26 am