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OptimizePress Trick: Hide elements on a LiveEditor page without deleting them

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Sometimes you need to hide elements on your LiveEditor pages from being visible to others, but you'd rather not delete them and they still need to be visible and editable by you.

So a good little trick here is to set the element fade in delay to 9999.

To do this, click on the little gear icon next to an element:

Then set the following field to 9999:

Unless somebody stays on your page for 9999 seconds (2.75 hours) then this element won't become visible.

If you want to make double sure that nobody will see it, just set it to 9999999999 (ten 9s).

That comes out to 2777777.7775 hours so you can bet nobody's going to see that element.

By the way you can do this with entire rows too and the method is the same.

Topic starter Posted : 29/07/2016 12:30 am