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How to use the Overlay Optimizer in OptimizePress blog posts  

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So you love the OptimizePress OverlayOptimizer but hate the fact that you can only use it on LiveEditor pages.

Well, there's now a way to use the OptimizePress Overlay Optimizer on ANY page, including blog posts, so long as you have the OptimizePress plugin or Theme installed.

You can even use the Overlay Optimizer on non-OP pages if you happen to be using a different theme!

This basically allows you to do the same thing as the LeadPages Lead Links feature.

But in my opinion OptimizePress is even better because you can put anything you want in the Overlay Optimizer.


1. First follow the instructions in this video by David Frosdick from OptimizePress:

(But instead of pasting the items into your blog post as David directs in the video, paste them into a blank text file instead.)


2. Download and install the plugin called ShortCoder:


3. Go to WordPress => Settings => Shortcoder.

Create a new shortcode and give it a name.

Now paste the HTML and Javascript that you copied earlier into the Shortcode field.

Click save.


4. You can now paste this shortcode anywhere that you want to render your OptimizePress Overlay Optimizer style lead link!

It will work on pages, posts and in HTML widgets.


You can create an unlimited number of OverlayOptimizer pages and unlimited number of corresponding shortcodes.

One of the best implementations of this hack is to use these OP Lead Links for content upgrades!

If you don't know what a content upgrade is make sure to read this:


*Big thanks to my friend Richard Vader from for finding the original video and sending it to me!

Posted : 13/09/2015 11:47 am