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Drip don't work......

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Hello my Friends, I continue with the problem in DRIPPING. 

I have 3 users with the same user level (level 1), and page requires level 1 to be accessed. Ok!

This 3 users were registered in the SAME DAY (December 9).

The test returns the following:

User 1) You can only view the page if it is set to release 7 days (from 8 days redirects to page "denied").

User 2) You can only view the page if it is set to release 15 days (from 16 days redirects to page "denied").

User 3) Access NORMALLY expected within 26 days, it is today.

All these three users were registered on the same day, for me.

Please see the video:


Best regards, Guilherme.

Posted : 05/01/2016 11:01 am
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Member Admin

Oi Gui, beleza?

Thanks for the post and the video!

I watched the video and I understand the problem.


A few thoughts to help you troubleshoot:


1. Do you have any caching plugins enabled?

If so, disable them and retry.


2. Are you testing these users in a separate browser?

(You should be logged in as an admin in one browser like Chrome and doing the tests in another browser like Safari).


3. Check the user profiles for zuzu_marvel and zanoni_miranda to make sure they have the same exact user role.


4. If none of this works, please share your wordpress login credentials with me via LastPass ([email protected]) and I'll take a look for you. 🙂



Posted : 05/01/2016 8:57 pm