SOP Test

At MemberFix our motto is to solve our customers’ problems correctly and accurately the very first time. One of the main ways we ensure consistent quality is by ALWAYS double-checking all of our work using this quality control process.

The Completion Level of Your Training.



There are 3 main things to check when working on tickets:

1 – Accuracy of work

2 – User flow

3 – Communication

Accuracy of Work

Most problems and mistakes can be prevented or spotted early by simply double-checking the accuracy of your work.

User Flow

One of the biggest mistakes in our kind of business is to implement a fix or a change and then assume that it works as you intend. Never make this assumption!

It’s absolutely critical to test the user flow from the perspective of the buyer, the member, the user, administrator, or anybody else who might be interacting with, or affected by, the updates you’ve made.

Example: switching AuthorityHacker to – users couldn’t login, WP-ADMIN became inaccessible

Example: implementing MemberMouse affiliate scheme for Tamara, didn’t use child theme.

Many more.

Consult documentation (e.g. MemberPress sends out emails for passwords)


Finally, when you solve tickets you have to check to make sure you’re communicating clearly and professionally. This process will help you do that!

Every time you work on a ticket you will use this process as a checklist.

Step 1

Step 2


Step 1

Open the MemberFix control center => TASKS IN PROGRESS tab

Step 2

Start a new row and fill out the following fields:

A) Customer
B) Team member
C) Start Time
D) Ticket #

*In the task field, note every major step you do as you work on this ticket in a numbered list format (just like the numbered list you’re reading right now!)

You don’t have to keep track of minor actions like “I logged into WordPress”. But keep track of major changes like “I activated and configured the WordFence plugin”, etc.

This way we have a log we can reference when troubleshooting tickets.

Plus, our customers can see these entries so they should be detailed enough to show what we’ve done without getting TOO detailed.