MemberFix Tech – Onboarding

1 – In this training you’ll go through what’s called an “onboarding” procedure.


The purpose is simple: to help you learn about your role as a MemberFix tech.


2 – This is an interactive, gamified process designed to be both practical and fun. 🙂


We use the WPeP LMS plugin for WordPress to deliver this training.


When you’ve finished a section, click on the number of the section to mark it “complete”. Doing this will increase your progress bar:



3 – Almost every section of this doc contains ACTION ITEMS that you must complete. Your progress bar at the top of the screen will increase as you complete each item.


4 – Please take your time to complete the entire training, to review any items that weren’t clear to you on the first pass, and to ask any questions (use the comments section) in order to clarify any points that were unclear to you.


Don’t be shy or hesitant to ask questions. Questions are opportunities for everybody to learn and you will never be negatively judged for asking questions or seeking clarity about how to do a better job!


5 – Note that each section will contain links to operating procedures and/or video trainings which are related to that section.


6 – If you’re ready to begin, turn on your time tracker (if you’re using one), turn off your phone and social media, and budget around two 90-minute periods to go through this training with a focused, uninterrupted mind.


When you’re done, I (Vic) will automatically be notified, and I’ll follow up with you shortly. 🙂


Thanks for your time and attention, have fun!


Vic Dorfman
Founder – MemberFix

The Completion Level of Your Training.



In this section you’ll gain an overview of our MemberFix business and your role as a MemberFix tech.

Your duties as a MemberFix Tech


The basic idea of this job is pretty simple:

To solve customers’ tech problems on their sites and help them to run their businesses more smoothly and with less headaches!

This can include a wide variety of different tasks such as:

  • WordPress maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Light coding / CSS / PHP fixes
  • Membership plugin support
  • Help integrating various 3rd party apps with WordPress plugins
  • Working with 3rd party apps like Zapier, ActiveCampaign, ThriveCart, etc.
  • Giving some advice to a customer when they ask for it


As you progress through this onboarding you’ll learn a little more about the role at each step.


Our customers


1 – Our customers are primarily solo entrepreneurs who own membership-based businesses and use WordPress to deliver their membership sites.


2 – We offer 3 subscription options to our customers:

  • MemberFix Lite ($397/mo)
  • MemberFix Mid ($597/mo)
  • MemberFix Pro ($797/mo)

All three plans are basically the same. The main difference is how many minutes of time our team can spend for each customer in a given period of time. (You’ll learn about this in detail in the time tracking section).


Our website


Estimated time: 15 minutes.


1 – Our business website is

The landing page for our MemberFix product is at


2 – For this action item please visit BOTH of the above URLs.


3 – For the first URL please take a few minutes to look around, click some of the menu links, and just get a basic overview of our business website.


4 – For the second URL, please read the entire landing page so you can understand the product we offer, and how we market it.


[VIDEO!] MemberFix Welcome series


Estimated Time: 60 minutes


All of our MemberFix customers receive the following video “welcome series” when they sign up.


Please watch all of the videos in this series to better understand our business (HINT: Watch the videos at 1.5x speed to go through them more quickly).




Now in this section you’ll learn about one of our main business applications, FreshDesk.

[FreshDesk] – Overview


1 – FreshDesk is our helpdesk / ticketing platform.


2 – All of our customers submit their tickets to our FreshDesk account either by logging in and creating a new ticket, or by sending a message to our support email at [email protected]


3 – We do not allow our customers to request tasks by emailing our personal email addresses. Everything MUST go through FreshDesk.


4 – You’ll spend much of your time working inside of FreshDesk so it’s important to understand how to use it.


[FreshDesk] – How to work on tickets


Estimate Time: 10 minutes


1 – Here is our Operating Procedure on how to work on tickets.


Please read this entire document before moving on to the next step.


[FreshDesk] – What different ticket statuses mean


1 – This is our Operating Procedure that explains what different ticket statuses mean, and when to use each one:


2 – Please read this entire document before proceeding to the next step.


[FreshDesk] – How to assign tickets to yourself and other team members


1 – This is our Operating Procedure on how to assign tickets to yourself and to other team members:


2 – Please read the entire document before proceeding to the next step.



In this section you’ll learn about another one of our most important apps, Airtable.

[Airtable] – Overview


Airtable is a fantastic, highly flexible web app that we use to run a large portion of our business here at MemberFix.


*The MemberFix Control Center is the nickname we give for our private Airtable “base” (basically like a spreadsheet) that we use to organize and track a large amount of our MemberFix activities.


For example, we use the MemberFix Control Center for…


  • Time tracking for our customers
  • Call tracking
  • Documenting plugin / theme conflicts in WordPress
  • Tracking of tasks we perform for our customers
  • Keeping a database of our customers and important information about them
  • Keeping a database of our team and important information about us
  • Keeping information about our different subscription plans

…and more!


Here’s the video explanation of our MemberFix Control Center. Please watch this!



[Airtable] – How to correctly track time


1 – All MemberFix team members, including Vic, are required to track the time they spend working on customer tasks.


We do this using Airtable.



2 – Carefully read the following Operating Procedure to understand how this time tracking works:


3 – Watch this very important video about our “per time” system:


Hi! I’m Vic, I’m the founder of MemberFix. I live in Thailand, I write songs on my guitar, and I’m a brown belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. 🙂 If you like this article, leave a comment and let me know what you think!